01/05/2021 20:12

So when im looking for scalp setups on penny stocks, I watch the MACD, VWAP, Volume, RSI and bollinger bands. the points i have circled are the critical points to watch for entries and exits...little hard to get up close and precise on them so excuse my chicken scratch drawings.

$SYNTHETIC was awesome, just rose all morning for hours on that crazy high volume. Pretty much kept it for a while as it was above vwap/middle band for a while until the halting started. You can see how the RSI kinda formed a support level on the 1min chart too. Watching leVel 2 wouldve Helped you to identify the orders to see where it could go as well.

$Check Cap was a brief morning scalp on that crazy volume..idr what it had in pm but it was a ton and that first green volume candle made it spike briefLy as well after the macd crossed green. You can also see how the rsi kind of made a resistance so that was your cue to exit! Volume can trump everything else...a stock could be primed to do what chart says it will do then the opposite volume you are expecting will send it flying the other way.

$Steel Dynamics nice 200%ish return on calls here on this swing, could lock or give it some time to see what it does, that daily looks like it may actually keep going on the 1/15 $40 calls...but up 200% from yesterday is a definite lock at least for most of the position, markets are volatile and unpredictable right now! You can see how rsi has formed support and The stock Broke a previous resistance yesterday!

Hope this helps guys, I forgot to do a learning post over the weekend like i said, ill do another one later this week to make up for it and show you what I saw in the plays I made!

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GettinMoneyBothWays01/05/2021 21:40
damn ginglet the nuggets you drop.. consistently appreciate it man. got so many notes screenshots of your stuff gotta organize it lmfao. you have dcord, or social?

Ginglet@yahoo01/05/2021 21:42

Anytime! Its what im here for...idk if anyone else really posts that kind of thing on here so helping out! And yep, email my username and ill send ya the link!


Mar***com01/05/2021 20:46
i have 97d call for 1/22 what you think about it

Mantarayapinta01/06/2021 02:21

Wow, the more im on webull more i like this community !

Ginglet@yahoo01/05/2021 21:13

For what stock?


$JGParadox 01/05/2021 20:36
Are you showing here where you made you entry point on a call at the bottom, before the move up?

Ginglet@yahoo01/05/2021 20:38

Made it yesterday after it broke! But yes


Ginglet@yahoo01/05/2021 20:33
Would help if i tagged the photos fml


Ginglet@yahoo01/05/2021 20:32


duhtraders01/05/2021 20:30
When I scalp, I move my risk up with each subsequent candle, risking the top of the previous candle. If the next candle candle doesn't go above the price of the of the current candle then the risk becomes the bottom of the current candle. Its all a bit manual. How do we interpret the volume and how do you read the volume to account for risk?

Ginglet@yahoo01/05/2021 20:34

Sort of...rsi over 70 doesnt Always mean it will drop...JKS sat at 99 rsi for weeks before it fell. Watch the volume candles and if they start to decrease then that is when you check the other indicators to know if its time to exit

duhtraders01/05/2021 20:32

I try and exit with the RSI up toward 70 or in overbought


ACheetoDustParticul801/05/2021 20:21
Dont pay any attention to the buffoons Dad! Youre doing great!

Ginglet@yahoo01/05/2021 20:23

Thanks son! I aint mad haters make my day 😂


JoAnne01/05/2021 20:21
Thank you!

Ginglet@yahoo01/05/2021 20:22

Of course!


duhtraders01/05/2021 20:20
I am wondering is there a way to scalp when the RSI is overbought? If so how do you do it?

Ginglet@yahoo01/05/2021 20:22

Yep you just have to watch the volume!


HOS01/05/2021 20:19
Thank You very much.

Ginglet@yahoo01/05/2021 20:22



duhtraders01/05/2021 20:16
hey, I like the work you did here, is there anyway we can chat via FB or Discord?

zrj***com01/05/2021 20:27

yeah I'd be in for this


Peša01/05/2021 20:13
You really put effort in writing this but still I have to block you spammer

GettinMoneyBothWays01/05/2021 21:38

tried to find spam in this post👀 NONE FOUND SOME priceless info. an some hate but when your either ill or uniformed that happens to folks

$JGParadox 01/05/2021 20:37

This isn't even spam? lol

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