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01/07/2021 06:25

$DOW JONES $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust taxation without representation is tyranny. that was what the founding fathers said, democrats using their 51% majority to force their views and carbon taxes on the remaining 49% of the population leads to unrest. americans have a right to guns to fight tyrannical governments and that's in the constitution. but I still think what happened in dc today wasn't good, cus it makes people I support like ted cruz look bad and I want him to run for presidency. and anyone who thinks what happened today is undemocratic doesn't know shit about the us constitution, history or founding of the nation. I still support trump and haven't seen a single person who supported him, support him any less cus he was elected to stir shit up.
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Trent01/07/2021 12:33
It says a lot know that ewrky morning this comment section is full of good intelligent people. Then by around 10-11 am it's over ran with clowns. Speaks volumes if you ask me.

Trent01/07/2021 12:34

Says a lot to know that early*


SuzyQ01/07/2021 10:02
just think, the Dems, and the news media, thinking the Trump patriots are just a bunch of incapable clowns. Are an exact parallel to the British thinking "there just a bunch of farmers, how far can they get?"

Kroinos01/07/2021 14:23

Love it. Very true!


Malon ☃️Akane🐕01/07/2021 08:25
I agree thank you


sandermancity01/07/2021 07:45
right on


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