01/07/2021 13:48

**Trader Tip**

Your mental and physical health comes first.

Everything else is secondary.

It all starts and ends in the mind.

The most crucial skill is how you think.
Shoot me an email at my username if you would like to join our free trade group where education is the foundation of our community :)
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Freezy Freeze01/07/2021 15:52
Trader tip find a team of monsters !! Follow me or get left !


JaWs01/07/2021 14:02
Just shot you an email


slipinlang01/07/2021 14:00
true trying to trade stock market and crypto 24 7 was burning me out a lil


Black Gold oilfield supply01/07/2021 13:59
ahhh blahh ahu blaa I'm fine!


BERKIT01/07/2021 13:55
get that hussle bro!!!


cybertrade12301/07/2021 13:52
Dr Truth waasssuuuupppp


cook01/07/2021 13:51
Nobody cares about mental heaLth g nobody trust me

cook01/07/2021 14:00

Told ya๐Ÿฅธ

Mike Miller01/07/2021 13:56

Not true at all. But yeah trust this guy

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