01/07/2021 20:24

$Riot Blockchain
$Marathon Patent
All shares and calls hit BIG...like hundreds of % on calls

$FuelCell Energy
Sharws and calls hit BIG too...tesla calls ran like 1000%+

$Aurora Cannabis
GRWG calls ran 100%+

$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust
calls ran 100%+...what an absolute unit!

$Ideanomics Inc swing hit for 25%+!
$TELADOC HEALTH calls ran 500%+ but i sold early cuz too many positions
$Peloton Interactive Inc bears gonna learn yet that you cannot keep this down? 😂😂 nice 50%+ on calls

$C3.ai, Inc. bears lose again, swung this for 100%+!

100% runners are officially a norm, 42 of the last 51 days i have either had a 100%+ swing hit or a 100%+ scalp. If you arent in Golden Goose you are missing out! I even gave this list free to webull last night 😘 up 35% my account today, cheers! 🍻

#My Webull Holiday Wishes #Options Trading #Today's Profit / Loss #WEBULL TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY #NASDAQ TotalView

$Future Fintech Group Inc was alerted by our Team early too 😁
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All Comments(7)

⁴²⁰⁴²⁰⁴²⁰01/08/2021 00:53
Nice man. Congrats. I feel like most people's watchlists killed it today. Today was a good day.

Ginglet@yahoo01/08/2021 01:04

Thank ya! Yeah im sure they did haha crazy Green Day, hope you did well!


jdz***com01/07/2021 23:27
nice. too bad you didn't have plug power. i have a question. why do I keep getting denied to trade options on this app. do i need a certain amoint of money in my account? I didnt take the time to read the 20 page terms and conditions

Ginglet@yahoo01/07/2021 23:30

Another person in our group alerted it last night lol. you gotta say short term gains and you know what youre doing!


Smitty01/07/2021 21:06


ale***com01/07/2021 20:31
Omg😂...we're in the dot com bubble again...

Ginglet@yahoo01/07/2021 20:34

Ill take what i can get 😂


HOS01/07/2021 20:31
Still holding idex Thinking of tomorrow

HOS01/07/2021 22:28

Followed your move sold at 2.92

Gus 01/07/2021 20:43

@ginglet@yahoo so you holding idex ah?

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ACheetoDustParticul801/07/2021 20:29
Thats a lot of triple digits dad! Keep up the good work!

Ginglet@yahoo01/07/2021 20:34

Thanks soN!


MassaMel88@gmail01/07/2021 20:29
😲🤑💪💪💪💪 Beast bro

Ginglet@yahoo01/07/2021 20:34



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