GreenPreciousMetal G

01/08/2021 02:08

$TESLA Oh you’re gonna buy a lambo dude? Thats cute! Im waiting for Elon to give DogeCoin one more “shout-out” And Im buying the whole Lamborghini dealership!!!! Dont let this slip away girls Any of you following bitcoin ? The future is closer than you think Time is flying Before you know it it’ll be 2023 You can thank me later

Here’s to Patiently waiting 🥂

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All Comments(12)

j_d***com01/08/2021 07:35
im sitting with 23k doge coin with 120% profit already, better get it while you can!!


$$$Zsa-Zsa_Gabor$$$01/08/2021 06:09
I LOVE doge!!! trade it every day but holding as of tonite $100 dollars worth (10.6k shares) @.94, I should do more i know...


Jma01/08/2021 04:00
well it is his go to and favorite crypto. he might make it the office currency on Mars.. and its like 10th of a cent right

GreenPreciousMetal G01/08/2021 04:02

Exactly !!!


idodopestuff01/08/2021 03:13
Elon trolls so much i would not be surprised if he was behind DogeCoin. Lol


NIOUNTIL202201/08/2021 03:07
what is tbis DogeCoin ?

LittleToddy 01/09/2021 22:01

no way thats a real pic of you lmao


bpm***com01/08/2021 02:54
Doge coin gonna hit 3-5$ in 5-10 years wAtch!!

$$$Zsa-Zsa_Gabor$$$01/08/2021 06:10

i'm hoping it hits a dollar in a year max

GreenPreciousMetal G01/08/2021 03:27

I really have a feeling sooner than that....i really do ,Good luck to all 🥂


GreenPreciousMetal G01/08/2021 02:34
Every baby stocks that i buy go up Im long-term all day on my plays But this one ......oh boy this one will erupt really soon💰📈🌋


Yahdy01/08/2021 02:21
Not a coin that you dodge

Jma01/08/2021 04:02

its actually named after a Shiba inu dog. and the coin had a picture of Shiba. it started as a joke but grew a super loyal community who gave kept it alive .


If This Hits01/08/2021 02:16
How do i buy doge coin?

$$$Zsa-Zsa_Gabor$$$01/08/2021 06:25

I don't think it's in your best interest to hold doge, it's best to invest in it for now. Crypto ATMs for the most part don't issue and stores don't accept it for the most part. Just invest for now, this will likely change in the near future if ppl keep placing their confidence in it which I think they will. I know I do

Bee***com01/08/2021 02:25

Kraken You can use doge wallet or klever for the wallet


jwk***com01/08/2021 02:13


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