01/09/2021 07:29

Please separate your Money/trading with your emotions. I found a strategy that best works for me and found myself consistent for 2 months. But when I started seeing large numbers in my account I started shifting my strategy for more profits because why not. #Greedy
Just a piece of advice where many traders fail.

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baa***com01/09/2021 16:00
i need to figure out options and whatnot. did go from -40% to 150% in six months on (1) winner I actually kept. even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again.

Stonkin dez nutz 01/09/2021 20:26

Bullish you buy a call .. To begin only buy options 3wks or further out. Don't buy to far outta money to start either.


spi***com01/09/2021 15:26
I hear you...I just found and spent some tIme learning how to trade with options...I was going so slow and until like a few weeks ago or a month I was steady, but no big gains...when I took out the emotions...check it out!!!...Boom Boom!!!...Thank you YouTube tutorials😎

jus***com01/10/2021 22:54

you should leave a little buying power available for averaging down and what not. I foolishly bought an option call on tsla right before that shorter shorted. tsla dropped hard. had I had another 1800 I would have bought another call at the dip. when it came back up id have made a killing. 800+ at least. always have a little buying power for emergencies. well done otherwise

nik***com01/10/2021 15:22

what youtube Channel did you look at for options trading help.??

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Sansa01/09/2021 14:46
so what js your strategy?


Jac***com01/09/2021 14:13

Matt Swade Trades All Day 01/09/2021 14:25

and when doing your taxes through turbotax, you can upload all your trades and they don't for you real quick. of you trade a lot like me it's very helpful.


NeverLearn01/09/2021 14:12


Jac***com01/09/2021 14:12
I put 105$ in this acct im currently at about 700$ in a week going to keep the same strategy going i buy ah mostly around 4:10-4:20 and then swing the top gainer / the most stable one with the biggest momentum, also buy larger float stocks and ride them in the moring going very well for me ive traded over a year and a half but im trying to perfect this way of trading it works well for me

Papa Emeritus 01/09/2021 14:30

Could I ask you something?
1- Are you a new trader?
2- Did you have a plan?
3- What is your plan?
4- Was this a YOLO or you went in with purpose and intention?


808****18301/09/2021 13:20
I learned to use stop limits and to diversify. Take out emotions and FOMO. lol easy steps up the ladder now I'm steadily building...


spu***com01/09/2021 10:24
people wanna be like Wolf of wall street. thinking 100$ will lead to hookers and cocaine 😂

NICKnameNICK01/09/2021 16:13

I'm game, heres my 100$

jef***com01/09/2021 13:34

So you saying theres a chance ? 😂


jun***com01/09/2021 09:45
been there, just now slowly recouping everything.

baa***com01/09/2021 15:58

my july was awful. all back now. and then some. youll get it back.


investor stallone01/09/2021 09:32
we've all been there

UpgrdMeClass01/09/2021 09:33

🤣 tru


Jes***com01/09/2021 08:54
thanks for the advice! I'm in the beginning stages. what are a few resources you use to find stocks that have potential?

Black&Alpha01/09/2021 12:04

look for stocks that have a float below 5 mil that are in compliance. once they get volume and news you have a chance to get 50 pts or more


Rage01/09/2021 08:22
Best strategy is to throw a dart at a random collection of stocks then set a limit buy at 5% above it's lowest price over the prior month. Once your buy hits, set a limit sell 20% higher, wait for that to hit then rinse and repeat. #BullMarket2021 #makeinvestingsimple #beatthes&p

NICKnameNICK01/09/2021 16:16

I like this, but I'm unsure how todo it. sounds promising


Nimblistic01/09/2021 07:42
Congrats to you for being open and honest with your mistakes. Takes courage and shows a growth mindset


Guruli01/09/2021 07:42
I think I got the same problem. not wxactly greedy but anger and wmotiin got me. I waa doing great before Dec 23rd. Then I bought God damn $Pfizer feb 19th call and waited 2 weeks. lost 50%. Today I got realy emotional and angrY and lost control. sold all calls for loss and end of the day, Bought Monday Put for $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust ....
Later I realized that I got Monday option

All I have left is Luck that Monday SPY will open below $379

bad***com01/09/2021 08:33

omg let's not even start with how much money I lost in phizer. waiting for fda approval smh

RockinMoroccan01/09/2021 08:18

bro I lost 10k in Pfizer nd walmart thinking it's going to go up, then finds a rolled out the vaccines and it just flew down then Walmart had a problem with tiktok so that went all the way down and there went my money but that was a good lesson that I learned..


Carma01/09/2021 07:33
same exact thing happened to me with $C3.ai, Inc. 😂luckily the stock is recovering


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