01/09/2021 13:45

To those who are new to trading:

1) Those who comment on a stock spreading rumors or telling you to sell, are doing so because they’ve shorted that stock. It’s not because they don’t want you to lose money. I wish it was but that’s not the case. They don’t care about you. The bears have tricked me plenty of times.

2) Be patient. If possible, never sell red. A 50% loss will require a 100% profit to get back to even.

For example: If my $100 investment turns into $50 and I panic sell, I would then need to double my $50 in order to get back to $100

3) Do your own research and trust no one but your gut.

4) Never short $TESLA

5) The more you learn, the more you earn.

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All Comments(28)

PIP PIP Invest01/11/2021 16:14
Very good. I have been trading since October and im fairly new. This is some good advice. Keep it up 👍

@ChubbsPeterson01/12/2021 22:17

Thank you brother!


pai***com01/10/2021 23:40
I say don't trust anyone either way. Everyone has an agenda and it is lining their own pockets lol

@ChubbsPeterson01/11/2021 11:07



BadassJolly01/09/2021 19:19
Terrible advice at point 2. I agree not listening to comments on Webull but you promoting bad holding on Webull? If you see a downtrend, either break even and get out or cut your losses!!!

@ChubbsPeterson01/11/2021 07:04


Badboy00701/11/2021 03:30

I have never sold on red and never lost any money day trading. Patience is key here. If you can't afford waiting days or months to at least break even, don't day trade. And no, chances to make your money back money elsewhere are so slim borderline fictional.

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luffy01/09/2021 17:46
questions: trying to deposit money to start but says bank not supported, how'd you transfer and how long does it take? be super helpful

@ChubbsPeterson01/10/2021 02:04

Sorry, I havent had this happen to me before.

N212000C01/09/2021 18:31

That happened to me!!! So annoying . I ended up having to open another account with BOA just to do deposits


AEON01/09/2021 16:28
You got that right with Tesla.


DrOfficerTruth@gmail01/09/2021 16:18
Don’t trust anyone on this app, good advice. Community section should be taken off

N212000C01/09/2021 18:32

So we can’t trust you?

@ChubbsPeterson01/09/2021 17:47

😂😂 damn

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NICKnameNICK01/09/2021 16:04
I am new to the market,
can you help steer me in the right direction?
I'm trying to create a savings for my sons who is 8 years old.
thank you,

Badboy00701/11/2021 03:32

My advice is to not take advice from strangers on the internet. You better ask someone you trust with experience in long term investment.

@ChubbsPeterson01/09/2021 16:20

Hey Nick! Welcome! Thats excellent! I would start by YouTube. I have learned so much from that website. One of my favorites for beginners is Adam Khoo.


Matthew Schwed01/09/2021 15:36
chubby, you want good webuller to follow?

Oscar Rivera
Heavy D
Mr. Ross

that's the lingo you'll get from a real webuller that likes to help.

Zig Saginaw 01/09/2021 16:20

I can't figure out how to search those people??

Matthew Schwed01/09/2021 15:57

no worries and I say lingo because that's the key point in figuring out those jokers making posts. once you figure them out you can even use their words as indicators to stock direction 😉

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@ChubbsPeterson01/09/2021 15:36
Here is a chart that explains my viewpoint more in detail

@ChubbsPeterson01/09/2021 15:48

Good question.. I stopped trading on margin after I almost blew my account.

SirDigbyChkCzr01/09/2021 15:46

What about if YouR losses are in margin


@ChubbsPeterson01/09/2021 15:27
I said IF POSSIBLE ... I’m not saying to bag hold until a 99% loss...


Cyrus01/09/2021 15:22
Terrible advice. The only positive about SNDL is rumors or lies.

Limiting losses is important. Everyone loses money on some trades.

Matthew Schwed01/09/2021 15:57

you're dam right that stock makes no sense other than it shows you that hype and possibilities are what makes the share price. look at KR....should be more.

@ChubbsPeterson01/09/2021 15:45

@Joe - I dont buy or short Tesla.. the stock doesnt make sense to me and I’m too afraid of it LOL

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Matthew Schwed01/09/2021 15:22
I agree....but you know you follow soooo many pumpers full of shit doing the same thing you just mentioned?

Matthew Schwed01/09/2021 15:30

follow that advice you just gave and you'll figure it out. I like to take screenshots, make a note then comeback to check on the stock and see if their comments still there or how badly it went.
start with Chris 😅
and make note of how OFTEN they post and how much they care about strangers and they are only here to help blah blah blah fam bruh happy trades etc...market got no fam and no bruhs.
"ok I'm gong back to bed just wanted to make sure you guys don't sell" 😅

Matthew Schwed01/09/2021 15:27


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Pcm***com01/09/2021 15:04
Agree 👍


srj***com01/09/2021 14:37
I have shared stocks to help other, so GTFO..

Some people like helping other make money...

SirDigbyChkCzr01/09/2021 15:49

ChubS. Shorts preform a healty market function.

@ChubbsPeterson01/09/2021 15:44

@honzo I’m gonna do the same LOL

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Firepaws01/09/2021 14:30
You are actually wrong A 33 % loSs requires 50% gain to make up for it If you are dOwn 50% then you screwed up royally Loses shouldnt be past 8-15% $300 going down to 200 is 33% loss You would need 50% of 200 ehuch is $100 to get back to 300 So yeah a 50% loss is crazy aMount to make uP The goal is Cut your losers fast and put in more money into the winners

@ChubbsPeterson01/09/2021 15:16

I am not wrong. If you are down 50% on a trade, it will take 100% gain to get back to even. My math is correct.


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