Patent guy

01/09/2021 15:56

$Apple I wonder when apple will review its super secret electric car 🚗 🚘!!! Apple always been very secRetive 🤫when it comes to its new products but apple been hiring tesla, benz and some other auto manufacturer engineers left and right which countS to half of hyundai North American work force. So it is not really a secret anymore 🤷🏽‍♂️ and it also patented tinted window where a passager can control the darkness of window glass.

Is it a good time to buy apple stock before its unviel its strategy 🤷🏽‍♂️????????

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Tyler Murray01/10/2021 00:34
it just sucks the car will have a special battery charger that is Apple specific. They also plan to change the charger every two model years.


ger***com01/09/2021 22:53
teleportation, confirmed.

Patent guy01/10/2021 00:35

Lol just to teleport a hydrogen atom we need a room size of storage! So we are not even close in teleportation 😂


ger***com01/09/2021 22:48


ZoZo01/09/2021 16:37
Tim Cook way late to the game. I'd bet that Steve Jobs would have expanded Apple to the EV industry about 2 to 3 years ago

Ghost-MEC01/09/2021 17:43

Eventually the followers, after short cutting the R&D it tAkes to make these amaizinf products usually catch up, and sometimes excell. However, The spear-heading innovators are the ones who retain the Lion share of the benefits while the rest fight over scraps of old technolgy. This risK of course of being on the leading for-front; is everyone sitting back hoping you fail. Risk vs. reward is always the balance

Ghost-MEC01/09/2021 17:39

Yea but Steve, similar to Musk, would have innovatively hoisted that bar so high, everyone else would be scrammbling, failing to achieve it... People can be innovators, followers that aim to 1 up the true innovators....

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Michael Scott01/09/2021 16:04
Apple cars probably come out in 5 or 8 Years

Patent guy01/09/2021 17:07

Apple has enough capital to play big and buy out ev companies. I believe it may take 2-3 years for them to get in production.

Stiffery01/09/2021 16:08

Sooner. If they do work with Hyundai then 2-4 years since Hyundai has the infrastructure already


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