01/09/2021 22:14

(my crypto story) when: Sept. 2018, on a drunken weekend a friend showed me his profits on #dogecoin excited!! I bought the next day it went up! Still intrigued (following the YouTube experts pumping crypto) bought some more, it went up again wow! euphoria!!!

but of course unknowingly it was in a long bearish trend 🤦 sold for a small loss (naive) Still intrigued especially seeing $Bitcoin 20K, doge . 018, (oh yeah there's going to be typos try to overlook them)

THERE GO THE GRACE OF GOD I found the right mentor the right video 📸 I discovered the Bitcoin 4 year cycle by crypto Bible, we are well into the cycle but still early great prices.

I bought btc at the 2018 Bitcoin bottom along with dogecoin.

to wrap this up I have to mention the economy shut down I sold my DOGECOIN I had millions of it I made a profit before it I was confident with my Bitcoin I held on I know some that brought more. but I got over my fear I reestablish my position with dogecoin at a lower price (pure luck). this time I only thought about the personification I bought just about anything I could find on Voyager app to give you a couple examples I got $XLM at . 09, Voyager token at. .06 it's at . 40+ now,.

I was able to block out all the noise I still can I don't fear anything when it drops I just buy more I buy the coins that are most bearish I betray confidence to you
good luck, you have to have a religious belief in this which I do based in facts

$TESLA ,$NIO Inc. ,$Nikola Corporation ,$Workhorse Group ,$Genius Brands ,$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust ,, $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. ,$Workhorse Group ,
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All Comments(13)

alv***com01/10/2021 05:19


Dillie Wrightslade01/10/2021 04:14
Its the stash for me😭


SéxMuffin01/10/2021 02:36


Buy Low and Hold, Follow me01/10/2021 01:29


319****94601/10/2021 00:11
I keep seeing this dogecoin. what platforms can you trade it on?

tmoore71101/10/2021 00:16

Voyager app


SebasX01/09/2021 23:55
CoOl stOry bRo

tmoore71101/10/2021 00:03



tmoore71101/09/2021 23:25
some of my street cred I had this belief early a cult like belief.


Carnage01/09/2021 23:16
Lets see some pics and confirmation to your story

tmoore71101/09/2021 23:25



Cryptonaire01/09/2021 23:16
Thanks for sharing your backstory. Your admittance of, and belief in God (someone, something ) is brave.
Im with you on the faith front . Im brand new to thIs but doing fairly decent thus far. Just not enough working capital (@1500. with other assets just sitting ) to make a LIFE CHANGING Amount of money. Generational wealth is my goal .
I need someone to help me learn puts and calls, longs and shorts. Im confident I’ll be able go learn the skillZ needed to expand my profit margin .

tmoore71101/09/2021 23:50

not to give you all fluff I recommend following @ChartKing on webull if you can find Ck, clear charts great analysis you can learn a lot too👍

tmoore71101/09/2021 23:27

I never put and I never call I buy it low and hold long. trading is 90% emotional in my experience I don't like to out think myself a good luck in your quest of knowledge 👍


StockLegend01/09/2021 22:47
my only question is who will accept dogcoin in the future when we already have 2 other top runners right behind bitcoin. this is why im afraid to put money into it.

tmoore71101/09/2021 22:56

I don't push any one coin I like dogecoin for a lot of different reasons it's misleading to say unlimited supply people don't understand it that aside Bitcoin is King I think any top coins it's going to be good but who knows how it's going to shake out , this value in crypto regardless it's a storage of value people put money into it so from that standpoint it's safe,. try XLM, I like xrp because it's getting in the ass kick right now that's when I buy it


623****40501/09/2021 22:36
wtf lol


DAV***edu01/09/2021 22:18


wovasteen01/09/2021 22:17
bruh who is this dude

tmoore71101/09/2021 22:56

son! get off the f****** message board

420MikeTrexTrieck01/09/2021 22:34

My dad


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