01/10/2021 17:45

$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust EVERYONE, watch the 10 year yield; that is the only derivative you need to watch.

People are too fixated on the actual stock market price and don't watch the derivatives, what the stock market is based off of. If you can read the derivatives, the market is no longer random and becomes a highly calculated and predictable game where your odds of winning a greatly increased. This is how the rich win EVERYTIME.

The 10 year yield is a measurement of how much money is leaving low risk investments to seek 'yield'. The money is effectively going from 'risk-off' to 'risk-on'.

Long SPY. People are about to be willing to pay multiples of the current price of this dog shit. You all have no clue what's coming down the pike: parabolic debt on an epic scale, massively inflating everything.

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Bill01/11/2021 01:22
yes sir the only thing government can do is throw the money away to their stuck up Libtard communist and print more and more of the paper currency until it becomes as worthless as our new puppet implant fraudelient elected president who will make starvation and poverty the inevitable result.

Mx01/11/2021 10:04

Yes. Sad

HZJ INVEST01/11/2021 03:51

Haha, Sleepy Joe is not what the people needed or voted for but what corporate America and banks paid for 😝


jos***com01/10/2021 20:26
Can I track the 10 year yeild on webull?

HZJ INVEST01/10/2021 21:37

No, use Tradingview under US10Y or follow it on traderschoice.net


ray***com01/10/2021 19:48
Okay US10Y goes up market goes up?

HZJ INVEST01/10/2021 21:45

This means money is moving into the stock market which tells you people are willing to pay the inflated price despite what is happening in the world.

HZJ INVEST01/10/2021 21:36



StockMarket 🏴‍☠️01/10/2021 18:47
Agree, more people need to learn this!


Nimblistic01/10/2021 18:04
There wont be massive inflation thanks to QE

HZJ INVEST01/10/2021 18:10

Do you research on what QE is. In layman's terms, it's means massive debt expansion which is extremely inflationary (bullish for the market).


Tech Analysis DAN🐂🐻🚀01/10/2021 18:03
Wait so your saying to keep buying?

Tony01/10/2021 22:33

Keep buying what?

HZJ INVEST01/10/2021 18:11

Watch the 10 year yield (US10Y). It is the only derivative you need to watch. It goes up, so does the market.

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