01/11/2021 19:33

$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust I love Democrat markets they are always red and easy shorts. SPY was at all time highs cause of Trump pumps and now It’s over so rejoice Bears for I am happy the market will tank and repeat itself through history of blue markets. Yes people will miss the great market Trump provided us the past 4 years. He was a money maker and we need another conservative president to regain our SPY power
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Acfunaka01/11/2021 19:51
Look at the statistics before talking you sound like a newbie in this market. of course it will have a pull back but this market will continue to grow.


Tony Stark01/11/2021 19:36
Historically Democratic markets outperform Republican markets and that is from data compiled by Wall Street which leans Republican. But since you just started trading last year and are now a certified stock guru have at it!

Tony Stark01/11/2021 19:47

You’re reasoning is very shallow. But like I said, have at it.

rca***edu01/11/2021 19:43

There is no balance in power therefore the dollar will be overly inflated and the markets will continue to gradually decline

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Xvg01/11/2021 19:36
A lot of bla bla , which is normal from frustrated trumpets.

rca***edu01/11/2021 19:38

You shall see, you shall see... It has already begun but people will definitely notice how much worse our economy and country will get over the next 4 years and more willl covert red. I am riding the rollercoaster and enjoying with the nation and enjoying the ride


rca***edu01/11/2021 19:34
Btw I am for trump or any conservative president


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