Edi Trades

01/12/2021 13:31

$FB Despite the bad news, daily RSI shows oversold signal. $256 support level holds for calls. 1# $259 1# $262

$AMD Bullish divergence on the daily. Holds $97 support level to go long at $98 entry. Major support is at $96, second $94. Once $100 target is met. $104 is next.

$ZM $314 has support of 200d MA on the daily+ gap fill. Watch out for a potential reversal. $314 holds for swing(monthly)

$SOLO buying volume has been increased and has support of 50d MA. Break of $7.6 for calls. 1# PT $8.7 2# PT $10.3

Weed stocks on trend: $ACB $CGC $SNDL

Renewable stocks on trend: $PLUG $FCEL

Current swings:
$DGLY avg: $2.867
$NAKD avg: $0.3374

$Facebook $ZOOM VIDEO $Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp $Apple $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $TESLA $Naked Brand $Digital Ally $Plug Power $FuelCell Energy $AMD #Options Trading
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All Comments(3)

AceUhSpades01/12/2021 14:21
Where have you been! Now you wanna show up

Edi Trades01/12/2021 17:28

Im always here bud


sandermancity01/12/2021 13:40
good stuff bro , thx


🦅 Sweezy 🎯01/12/2021 13:33
fb is in full bearish trade mode

🦅 Sweezy 🎯01/12/2021 13:55

I have no position in FB. i currently am bulllish in Amd

Edi Trades01/12/2021 13:52

Go get your puts and stop talking

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