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LSDelivery01/23/2021 03:28
missed it, had family business. what was his take?

BullishlyBearish01/23/2021 03:30

He said the best way to play bitcoin is to buy bitcoin. I like trading options tho


Rayco ??=??01/23/2021 02:31
Should a asked of the market is gonna crash John from Minnesota.

BullishlyBearish01/23/2021 02:32

We already know that answer


Azcowboy01/23/2021 02:15
I'm curious, why is it called "lightning round" when ALL the callers take 4ever to ask their question, not you in particular, but y'all know what I mean. Just say Booyah Jim, whatcha think about xXxX stock, say thanks and move on. only 3 people got in today. ok, rant over, have a great weekend. let's run $Bionano Genomics to 20 on Monday. Crown and Coke Time.

BullishlyBearish01/23/2021 02:18

Dude yeah i thought the same thing so i went quick and right to the point. he had me in the main segment though which caught me offguard


Coke and Strippers01/23/2021 01:30
I'm from the snow county myself, eh

BullishlyBearish01/23/2021 02:24

Oh sure! Up nort der!

Jeffrey Lebowski01/23/2021 02:06

Hey that makes three of us you betcha

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301 Steel01/23/2021 01:24
Look at the big brain on BullishlyBearish Bret...


Tech Analysis DAN 🚀01/23/2021 01:24
So is his show actually live or pre done?

BullishlyBearish01/23/2021 01:25

I talked to him an hour before it aired


MrKennedy????️01/23/2021 01:19


NeonIcahn01/23/2021 01:11
get a tv stand...

BullishlyBearish01/23/2021 01:12

Always this guy around lol


ZEPPSTER9301/23/2021 01:10
BNGO is finally on his Radar


84b***com01/23/2021 01:08
Why didnt you ask about bngo


Adam01/23/2021 01:06
Oh i watched you today!😂


$HUMBLE01/23/2021 01:03
noice! What did you ask?

BullishlyBearish01/23/2021 01:04

Asked about RIOT


GQSmooth01/23/2021 01:02
well Hello John from Minnesota 😎👊🇺🇸

BullishlyBearish01/23/2021 01:04



BryGuy6901/23/2021 01:02


Money01/23/2021 01:02
Lol 😂 very nice


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