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02/23/2021 14:46

This is the 3rd market pullback in the last 4 months but the worst because its un justified!!
But now all we need is some big investors to show out of no where on TV or social media or in Press releases and say “ We bought the dip”
And Everyone else will follow!
Warren Buffet already announced buying more energy stocks.
Cathie Wood Also announced that she bought more in this dip!
Lets see who’s else will come out and announce buying the market dip!!!
As long as we have stimulus checks coming then I’m going to Add in some of my stocks and Hold the others💎🙌🏻
I been through the last 2 dips when i bought and alerted $Naked Brand at 0.07 cents and $EHang Holdings Ltd at 10$ and $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. at 0.14 cents and many other stocks that went Up more than 100% up including $Borqs Tech
All I’m saying here to my followers and other traders here to either Add/Load Or HOLD and learn the art of being a 💎🙌🏻
And this is a good time to learn the lesson for the future 😉👍🏻
$Globus Maritime $JUST ENERGY $Baudax Bio $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $Viveve Medical $TESLA
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Johan02/23/2021 16:41
they lost alot of money during winter storm uri because of their fixed rate for energy contracts in Texas. 250 mil or so and I think that's a factor since energy cost spiked high and they stayed locked in. maybe they could be bailed out.

🐋🤫Stocks Whisperer🤫🐋02/23/2021 16:46

I’m watching it to load more cuz its oversold i believe they will survive since oil and nat gas prices are Going up


mar***com02/23/2021 16:07
this was expected everyone and they mom that follow stock for the last 3 months knew this was coming


Zach02/23/2021 16:06
true that. my only regret is being fully committed already and not able to take advantage of this fire sale. wonder how long/big this pull back will be. GL

🐋🤫Stocks Whisperer🤫🐋02/23/2021 16:44

Just this week thats all


Jpb***com02/23/2021 15:19
Do you have any other platform to follow you as well, besides on here?

🐋🤫Stocks Whisperer🤫🐋02/23/2021 15:21

No sorry , I’m in Webull only for Now to be as fast as possible with my followers 😄


Rya***com02/23/2021 15:17
I'm expecting this one to jump in the coming months I'm not getting left behind on another good stock

Rya***com02/24/2021 11:14

$Viveve Medical

🐋🤫Stocks Whisperer🤫🐋02/23/2021 15:20

The whole market is recovering
But which one ur talking about ?


Inverse Webull Comments02/23/2021 14:51
lol un justified?!? the market has been out of its mind its finally coming back to its senses this what was un justified is a market just constantly rising during a pandemics and millions of ppl out of work...

🐋🤫Stocks Whisperer🤫🐋02/23/2021 15:00

Why you forgot the vaccine ?! The small business loans ?? The stimulus packages ?
But I’m with you we needed a pullback and this is the 3rd one but I’m saying its un justified because no one expected it except for the Bloody hedge funds 🤬


Antone02/23/2021 14:49
Unjustified? Do you have any idea how overvalued stocks are rn?

gab***com02/23/2021 14:59

Catalyst is bond market.

🐋🤫Stocks Whisperer🤫🐋02/23/2021 14:51

True but usually the pullback comes with a catalyst And if thats the reason then it should not affect all the other undervalued stocks


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