02/26/2021 10:13

$AMC Ent Holdg The entire market was red yesterday. Hedges are SELLING positions, (fucking your co workers and familys 401k) JUST to free cash to fight AMC & $GameStop . They’re scum, if we squeeze them again and force them to cover for A loss of billions like melvin, we could end this shit for good ! This is the only way to stop hedge funds from shorting stocks like this. Transfer the wealth so WE control the market.

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All Comments(12)

Bobbyhill02/26/2021 11:32
Hit the bricks clown


Singularity02/26/2021 11:22
more like extreme greed pullbacks happen... gme and amc not nearly as shorted as before


Jpdude8702/26/2021 10:35
This is why people lose their ass. Listening to idiots online. you have literally no concept on the bigger picture.

paradoxical trader 02/26/2021 12:25



jam***com02/26/2021 10:27
Wow, I don't know if you're right or not, but that seems like a really plausible explanation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

ohm***com02/26/2021 11:27

He's not right. He is an absolute moron. That's not how any of this works. Do not listen to tools like this guy.

Z.s***com02/26/2021 10:35

Thank you, i appreciate the feedback as well. check out shortsqueeze.com or any other LIVE short interest database, the short interest increased by 28% yesterday. this was already on the Top 3 most shorted stocks. I believe 87% of the float (284M) so a 28% increase would put the short interest % over 100% ... When they cover they’ll go long, but their hope is that we’ll think the move is over and sell driving the price down, increasing profits for them on their short & then a lower avg long.


nuck_chorris amc=10k02/26/2021 10:20
shorting should be illegal either way. it isn't allowed anywhere else.


Sgb02/26/2021 10:17
No it’s not, if your still contributing your get more shares fir the same price, because they will always come back


Blessed & Highly Favored02/26/2021 10:17
you are 100 percent right


Bullsdeep02/26/2021 10:15
stop messing with things you don't understand. shorting is a necessary part of the market. Hedge funds were taught a lesson once and that was the story. Now it's just late comers trying to "join a movement" that doesn't exist

Nirtnee02/26/2021 12:23

they weren't taught any lesson. they borrowed billions and doubled down on their short positions.

if GME breaks free and runs they risk losing even more than they borrowed the first time

paradoxical trader 02/26/2021 11:04

and no hedge funds are never taught any lesson....newbs got taught a lesson

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Z.s***com02/26/2021 10:14
5,400 red stocks - 750 green stocks... Greed !!!

We need to teach our family and friends to invest themselves instead of giving it to hedge funds !!!!!!


Bullsdeep02/26/2021 10:14
yeah that won't happen and you're only asking for govt to ban retail trading or something


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