02/27/2021 14:07

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Trina Wesley03/01/2021 04:25


DimeBag Darrell...03/01/2021 02:39


nat***com02/28/2021 11:49
it still has to go to the debate to get voted on, and they are removing the minimum wage piece so after it passes the Senate it has to go back to the house to get voted on again


salvador velasquez02/27/2021 17:09
is this a good thing or a bad thing?


Betterbullishness Bearau02/27/2021 16:46
Democrats are here to help the Trumpkin turd stain clean up. Green Monday.

Bez03/01/2021 03:16

Also, it took a ‘yuuuge’ amount of time between the incitement speech, the actual attack, and those tweets saying to “leave and youre all special people. Very special.” (Not special enough for a pardon... but lil wayne was for an endorsement ; ) ) He was watching it happen and turned away calls for help from constituents whos lives were in danger. Thanks for making it clear that youre a shill.

Bez03/01/2021 00:38

Oh the USD losing reserve status and you literally living in a war torn nation? Youre a moron. Youll get your wish.

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🎀Nini💎🚀💰02/27/2021 16:23
So they will spend 1.9 trillion of tax payers money, but the tax payers only get $1400 and its taking months again. thats how our government think how much we effing worth. Oh well we will get it our way.


$AMCwillBeBiggerThan$GME02/27/2021 15:26
house passes alot of trash that never makes it


Rags.2.Riches02/27/2021 15:20
so excited for another gender study in Pakistan can barely hold back the excitement!

Bez02/27/2021 22:05

There are no gender studies in pakistan... especially that the US pays for. This is blatant disinformation. You can literally be captured / arrested and eliminated for being trans in more than a few middle eastern cultures / nations.

SwingTrader02/27/2021 16:38

I know right.

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SNDL#102/27/2021 15:15
Democrats control the Senate lol. It will pass.


🤷‍♂️I dunno🤷‍♂️02/27/2021 15:06


🤷‍♂️I dunno🤷‍♂️02/27/2021 15:03
watch schoolyard rock. . . they make a song so easy even you may understand

Jke***com02/27/2021 18:36

That was the best reference ive ever seen. 😂😂


mfu***com02/27/2021 14:49
It may be pRiced in 😭

SwingTrader02/27/2021 16:39

not really. people don't gave those checks yet


Jas***com02/27/2021 14:40
It still has to pass in the senate


Manny Fresh02/27/2021 14:38
Only in the House. We still need the Senate.

nat***com02/28/2021 11:54

the vp already said she wouldn't vote against the parliamentarian

Manny Fresh02/27/2021 17:03

It's 50/50. But with the Vice President tie breaker, Democrats control the Senate.

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gio***com02/27/2021 14:31
isnt it a good thing . and helps stocks go up


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