Phuc Yuu

03/04/2021 21:37

$TESLA Account blown. At least I had $6 left for a quater pounder and 4 piece chicken nuggets

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All Comments(41)

Genius_trader👨🏻‍🔬03/05/2021 18:06
Lmaooooo oh man


DuckTrader03/05/2021 05:52
Licky you had that app deal


CharlieHustle03/05/2021 05:10
VEGAN you coulda had 10 grilled tacos 🌮 ALL ORGANIC AND...... SLAMMIN❗❗❗❗😑


Baba Yaga03/05/2021 04:50
It’s all on sake. Buffet says 3% of investors hold and buy! You’ll do it!


Mad***com03/05/2021 04:42
Ha ha what a weak man! World is red

Phuc Yuu03/05/2021 04:51

My favorite color is red


EHB***com03/05/2021 03:34
The people who lose are the people who sell at a huge loss, then watch in horror as the prices shoot up. remember. There are a lot connected to tesla. it'll jump

DuckTrader03/05/2021 05:53

Its undervalued

Phuc Yuu03/05/2021 04:51

Yup, but dont forget that its very overvalued


zeb***com03/05/2021 02:43


tias2303/05/2021 02:35

Phuc Yuu03/05/2021 02:43

That looks yummy


tias2303/05/2021 02:30
I missed my exit on zoom calls being greedy, which sucks even more because i wanted to get sqqq calls after i sold them. Today reminded me of why i dont do margin.

Phuc Yuu03/05/2021 02:44

Today was tricky


626****33403/05/2021 02:13
looks good


maj***com03/05/2021 02:12
I bought more. Remember The MARKET is red. Trust in Elon! It's 50% of my portfolio! 2 years in and I still believe in Elon. Remember his solar in Australia.

Phuc Yuu03/05/2021 02:45

This dip wont even be visible 2 years from now


Baby Bull ♡03/05/2021 00:14
I'm down 15 months rent today. Tell me about it...

Phuc Yuu03/05/2021 00:16

Shit crazy


WitchOWallStreet03/04/2021 23:12
Lmfaoooo reality 💎🚀

Buy $GameStop n $Super League Gaming

🚀🚀Elon'sTendies🚀🚀03/05/2021 00:21

That's not the diamond handed ape I know.

Phuc Yuu03/05/2021 00:01

They will tank right after I get in


B03/04/2021 22:50
I would have thought you only eat rice and soy sauce

jha***com03/05/2021 00:19

that would come from a tool like you B

Phuc Yuu03/04/2021 23:20

🤣🤣🤣🤣 I only eat Fufu and beans


Joe B's Attic03/04/2021 22:20
I could only get a ten cent water cup.

Phuc Yuu03/05/2021 00:02



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