03/07/2021 11:45


I offer my services my advice, my rules, my lessons, are all free.

Some of you will say who the heck cares STFU

However if you look at my previous post, you can go back one week if you’d like, longer. Thursday at 3 PM I guaranteed a green day for the markets on Friday. This is after nine out of 11 bloody days.

That’s good but not my claim to fame, Friday on Twitter I was preaching all day bitcoin will be 53,000 come Monday 55,000 at some point during the week. Again please look at my previous post.

My Twitter handle is TheTransparen15

I am not like these other so-called gurus, I teach, I do not tell you that you should buy X stock at this price. I teach about entry point. I teach you must have a strategy or price target so that you know your exit.

Closing in on 2000 Twitter followers, and I believe I have 8500 followers on this platform. Thank you and I am humbled

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All Comments(47)

pat***com03/08/2021 13:32
I've only been following you for a week or so but I am already impressed. I was curious if you had any thoughts on the air taxi/drone company EHang. There was a slanderous story put out by Wolfpack and now everyone is buying what the story is telling, but I feel like it's shorts and hedge funds manipulating the stock price. I bought more shares after the stock dropped and as of today ihave my entry price down to around $45. I was curious if I'm off base on this one. Thank you for all you do✌️

Matt03/08/2021 13:47

Appreciate your feedback, truly. I actually do you know the company but I haven’t followed it recently I watched as it went up from 40 to 80, and watched as it went back down, I can’t comment anymore than that because it would be wrong for me to give My opinion without having or researching all the information


JayBlazeGmb03/08/2021 08:22
ook so what's the cost of that

Matt03/08/2021 10:35

Cost to follow me on Twitter zero same as cost to follow me here


@TraderJo03/08/2021 01:51
Kinda looking like tesla not too long ago

Matt03/08/2021 02:04

Exactly my point in bitcoin will make many people millionaires in 2021 and probably for a while after


daytrade mints03/07/2021 20:28
following, Thanks 👍

Matt03/07/2021 20:29

Love it, thank you my friend, depending on your experience you might wanna follow me on Twitter as well as I post my rules and my lessons and exactly what I see in the market on a daily basis,


DipBuyer03/07/2021 20:16
your shorting stocks and you know it

Matt03/07/2021 20:29

Just the same I am not a bear that is not part of my trading strategy

Keith03/07/2021 20:22

So? What if he is? And its “ you’re

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jam***com03/07/2021 19:38
Hello. Do you trade options?

Matt03/07/2021 20:22

Yes I do trade options, I even provide option strategies, I have rules for most everything


azo***com03/07/2021 19:36
you called it Matt im interested in any advice you have never done the stock market thing just an old cowboy learning new tricks I appreciate ya

Dov***com03/08/2021 05:02

What are your thoughts for 3/19 calls for the destroed srocks like PLUG, CCIV, NIO, BEEM etc... any chance of recovery??

Matt03/07/2021 20:23

Thanks bro, you’re more than welcome to follow me on Twitter I post all my rules to help everybody limit risk and become a better safer trader


Matt03/07/2021 19:13
Yeah this dude is honest, he’s buying $4 million worth on Monday, that’s why the jokester below is following him because he’s a very truthful person

jowblow03/07/2021 19:18

lol. 600% up In 2 weeks. you?

Matt03/07/2021 19:14

@JoeBlow lol


Matt03/07/2021 18:55
Please all the haters keep posting use my name in fact tag me the more you do so the more people will follow me and the more I can educate them teach and they can learn from my sharing. So please continue

jowblow03/07/2021 19:06

see how people come to his rescue and you defend yourself. joke. @stockmr.30 I got your back. teach and enlighten the world while people like this hate

jowblow03/07/2021 19:04

you post 3 comments because someone disagree with you. talk about cry baby 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Ple***com03/07/2021 18:53
Matt seems to block people if even challenged slightly on a prediction. he clearly predicted Bitcoin movement incorrcectly admitting he didnt anticipate market conditions Thursday. however to then state your prediction was spot on is not in the spirit of openess having revised it less than 24 hours later. I called out the difference in predictions to understand but also to substantiate to all followers who may rely on such posts the accuracy of the prediction being spot on

Matt03/09/2021 02:33

Hey now that we’re friends again, bitcoin cross 53,000 on Monday, it’s actually still running, tomorrow should be good one for us all

Ple***com03/07/2021 19:04

I get where you are coming from but you said you were dead spot on with Bitcoin prediction. You were not. The issues is not that your prediction was bad its that you said you subsequently got it spot on.

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Matt03/07/2021 18:48
Anybody that’s reading the post below in the comment section, this dude is incorrect he tried to publicize somebody that I think is a crook on this site someone that I believe is a liar, So I nicely suggested he block me so I don’t have to read his post and he doesn’t have to read mine instead he wants to go on and on about a type of person yes I’m a helpful person and I know Karma is good to me


jowblow03/07/2021 18:42
@Matt wow he say get out if you don't agree with me. you don't respect someone who helps his community. @Matt sir I don't respect you. so everyone knows what kind of person your following. so negative and so horrible of a human being. mad after 2 weeks of bloodbath. come follow @[email protected] makes you proud and actually wants you to learn with criticisms.

$Triterras, Inc. $KemPharm $Aprea Therapeutics Inc $Palantir Technologies Inc. $VAXART $Ovid $SELLAS LIFE SCIE $Future Fintech Group Inc $Aurora Cannabis $Ocugen Inc

Matt03/09/2021 02:34

Hey donkey I nailed my prediction 53,000 today, that is why people like my predictions, I don’t just pick stocks and tell people to buy, I explain the reasoning behind and what we are seeing, and I’m so glad you’re not profiting off of it

kin***com03/07/2021 18:53

I have been following Matt for about a month and find his posts to be more informative and insightful then anyone else I have seen on here and he asks for nothing in return


isa***com03/07/2021 18:01
Thanks matt you are the best. Can you make a tik toK if possible?


highwind03/07/2021 17:40
I've never seen so many likes on a post. Insane. 👍

Matt03/07/2021 17:42

Thanks man


Phillies03/07/2021 17:28
Matt can you please tell me what bitcoin has to do with Ideanomics? Thank you!

Phillies03/07/2021 18:02

I'm trying to learn and did tag you now! Thanks again for all your help!

Matt03/07/2021 18:00

No worries brother, I sometimes do not see questions so it helps if you tag me, and it’s fine to ask, again I’m hoping everybody reads the responses and learn something from them

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