11/09/2020 03:40

$ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ Tomorrow will most likely be a humbling sheep slaughter house bloodbath experience for shorts/novice traders who held positions over the weekend and far worse for those holding big fat options .. Try n get some sleep tonight, wake up tomorrow morning, lick your wounds and cut your losses and get good 😂
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SQQQ11/09/2020 08:00
Get ready for the blood bath at 9:30, The Banks are gonna round you up and cut of you heads one by one 😂


Mikeinnyc11/09/2020 04:31
holy smokes tommorow it's gang members beat down. Another 2*4 to the head. I deserve that for taking a position over the weekend.

ont***com11/09/2020 04:55

This is more than a beating bro. Im dead in this. Sigh.. I will admit i was so wrong!!!!

tal***net11/09/2020 04:47

we all take a beating from time to time..nobody is perfect. ive had my share of ass kickings.


tal***net11/09/2020 04:21
sqqq going to 16 on the open i thinks..if not on the open, shortly after. how the day ends is a crapshoot...i dont think with all these huge daily gains anyone wants to take profits and miss another huge up day....and feel like an idiot. thats what greed looks like.

ont***com11/09/2020 04:53

Ok. ok. you are right! Ill put everything into the market

tal***net11/09/2020 04:43

i wasnt last week was I? I called it right from the beginning of the week and it worked out to be EXACTLY right. ndx futures just keep going higher...it up 2.72% right now.

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tal***net11/09/2020 04:14
310 now, up 10 points in 30 seconds...2.6%. are we going to have a 5% day tomorrow maybe?


tal***net11/09/2020 04:12
its up 300 points now and rising....ndx took a steroid injection i think.


jedi11/09/2020 03:41


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