11/10/2020 00:29

$ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ Just saw everything I needed to see and after hours, traders thought the worst was over and started buying what they considered value, the rational trader stepped in and decided the market is still going down, which I agree with, negative market sentiment, we stayed up over $20 after hours, I expect this ETF to run a little tomorrow, maybe the 21 1/2 dollars
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uss***com11/10/2020 03:16
Matt, what's the best way to learn to trade options?

Matt11/10/2020 11:44

Dude youโ€™re asking the wrong person itโ€™s all about timing, itโ€™s all about buying peaks and dips

You must plan ahead never chase


ilo***com11/10/2020 00:34
sold at 19.90 got back in at 19.60. lol impatient. little extra cushion I spose

Escape Velocity11/10/2020 00:47


Matt11/10/2020 00:35

That is always a great trade anytime you can sell and come back at a lower price point, same day, whether you are correct or incorrect, giving yourself more cushion or adding to your position while not paying more, is amazing


ont***com11/10/2020 00:32
23 Matt. I like the number better

Aus***com11/10/2020 15:32

I agree Matt thats a good one

ste***com11/10/2020 01:25

No id sell anything above 20 at a minimum take profit much more volume market wise and plenty games to be played. I see this as much needed consolidation rather than free fall. it won't fall outside the triangle. Tread lightly and take profits because you have nothing until you close the trade. Happy trading!

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