11/11/2020 20:51

$ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ Definitely not the ending I expected but today was completely run by retail investors, meaning millennials, meaning the average Joe, very few institutional trading today, but they will hop in tomorrow morning, and they will look for any stocks that spiked that they wanted to sell like Netflix or zoom, probably Microsoft an apple as well, and I saw Amazon was up, we’re not surprise me, so I expect the complete opposite of today but buy a power of 2, As the volume and the money moving tomorrow will be a lot greater than today
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takeprofits11/11/2020 21:47
should get used to it... market isn't entirely decided by the big boys anymore. just have to evolve

Matt11/11/2020 21:48

I guess we will see you tomorrow, big Boyz sell off, millennials and out of work investors, the retail investors, they will be buying, so we will see what ones out tomorrow green or red


fjord67611/11/2020 21:04
Only 37% held by institutional as most recent figure actually @ajk

Matt11/11/2020 21:11

Right which means a less of a float, institutions were not purchasing today millennials were in retail investors, there will be some selling tomorrow and profit taking by institutions, that’s what they do


Escape Velocity11/11/2020 21:01
IQ is what really seperates us, not generations


bri***com11/11/2020 20:59
well I was able to get more calls cheaper and went from an average of .43 to .39 I dont have a lot but I know have 20 , 20 dollar calls expiring the 13th

bri***com11/11/2020 20:59

I now have not know have


Ste***com11/11/2020 20:55
Im good .39 ready to go


AJK - YouTube11/11/2020 20:53
I sincerely disagree with the first part of your statement. no hate! . I appreciate your input I will take that into consideration. thanks for the update matt!


Matt11/11/2020 20:53
I know u all know NIO, A complete millennial stock, not an insult, but the stock opened up at $39 today, EV industry is not that strong based on Tesla stock movement which it hasn’t in a few days, yet the stock powers up to $43, four dollar gain from this morning, I would never bet against the stock but I believe we will see it again at $39 and change at some point tomorrow when the market corrects

AJK - YouTube11/11/2020 20:59

Massive institutions actually hold nio stock

AJK - YouTube11/11/2020 20:59

massive institutions actually hold lots of NIO stock btw

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