11/11/2020 21:00

$ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ I’m just in shock that people are still buying tech at 3:59 PM, knowing that the volume of trading will increase by X tomorrow, and they think they’re on the right side, if they are kudos to them, but I don’t imagine Cell you don’t just see one or two red days just like you don’t see one or two green days, there is always a hiccup like there was today, Holiday
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takeprofits11/11/2020 21:44
don't know why your shocked I warned everyone


Deano11/11/2020 21:23
I have lots as low as 18.01 To 19.60— avg 19— im holding for tge Bloody Mary day— when? Dont know but know it WILL come.

Matt11/11/2020 21:24

Bro, when it comes to ETF trading which this is, there are expenses to run the ETF, which were taken out each day, they are minimal, but you really should not be in an ETF more than five days, I’m thinking you got in at 18 on Monday so you’re probably


Kim11/11/2020 21:16
Me too lol. Tomorrow or Friday it will be up.


Escape Velocity11/11/2020 21:02
People are trained to look for volume to buy. Help big bags out already lol


ont***com11/11/2020 21:02
I grabed the dip at 12.59. In at 19.60.

ont***com11/11/2020 21:23

Only 1500 shares. Not going all in on this etf

Matt11/11/2020 21:12

Safe, because your downside is limited that’s what I’m telling everybody great upside limited downside, you got it


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