11/13/2020 11:46

$ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ Just so everybody is clear my plan for today if this opens up at $19.50, I will double or triple my morning position, which means I have calls with a strike price of 1950 I originally paid $.60 at open the same calls will likely be $.25 if I add 3x my position my break even point 0.34

Meaning, when this pops above 1984, which Iโ€™m positive it will do today my trade then becomes profit

If you are in higher strike price 20.00 call, they might be as cheap as 0.15, Same theory
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Escape Velocity11/13/2020 13:46
Today should be OK..at least your unlikely to lose if you close to 19.50. Im just gonna sit the weekend out of this. Maybe I swing $ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures though it seems entry is now

Matt11/13/2020 13:49

Havenโ€™t you learned by now, do you VXY only goes down it doesnโ€™t even spike hard when itโ€™s supposed to, just a warning


Da Crack Fox11/13/2020 13:17
whats your expiration? and do you plan on holding through the weekend?

Matt11/13/2020 13:20



jam***com11/13/2020 11:56
I plan on buying 19.00 puts expiring next friday. gonna sl them fairly quick today, held them too long yesterday for a lose. might hold a few for Monday morning.


Ste***com11/13/2020 11:52
This market is crazy af. Even i know the whole market oversold. when it go red its gone b for days. I thnk next week is it.


RavenWithDaddy11/13/2020 11:50

Matt11/13/2020 11:56



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