11/17/2020 15:00

$ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ Hello fellow bears, jumped back in this morning about 20 minutes ago when this ETF was hovering at $18.99, I Purchased call options with a strike price of $19, expiring this Friday. I do not think I will have to hold until Friday, it could be a one day trade or two day trade, but I will be out before the reversal, I expect the NASDAQ to be bloody today
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ben***com11/17/2020 17:52
the market is highly manipulated this should be 21.00 buck the minimum


Hendo11/17/2020 15:06
I picked up 15 shares 18.93 . my tesla money is locked up for a couple days lol

Matt11/17/2020 17:55

Doesn’t matter how many shares, the percent return is what we all want to see, so again well done

Hendo11/17/2020 15:11

I did at 407. and sold at 457.00 only a few shares , im just started to build .

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Mac11/17/2020 15:02
What’s your exit

Matt11/17/2020 15:07

Not really sure, but I do see the NASDAQ going down more than 100 points today, it was only down about 22 points when I purchased my call options, so as long as I am green, I will keep reading for blood