11/18/2020 22:40

$ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ I don’t usually care about after hours, but we know how this ETF runs, so I will be most interested in the training that occurs between 745 and 8 PM, we know the Asian markets are going to fucking buy the futures anyway they do every fucking night I’ve never seen them sell futures, if they do sell futures great but it’s been forever, can I get an amen
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Escape Velocity11/19/2020 00:07
Here..Found this person browsing my obscure tickers.....has some observation on china pumping though he is being shallow about it pretty much just discussing technicals

Matt11/19/2020 00:15

He makes sense about China, the government supports their Konomi, however all these entities are at all time highs or just short of it, so he’s talking about a double or triple bottom, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read


Escape Velocity11/18/2020 23:48
China pumping....go 👀 all the china stocks. Modern warfare is economic.

When is the set up complete????

Escape Velocity11/18/2020 23:48

It doesnt matter up or down, it matters who gains


Jw614411/18/2020 23:16
Amen. Has been at least two weeks.... Drives me batty...


SQQQ11/18/2020 23:13
it would be nice if you would just show everybody the result of your "great trading" over the longterm. i find it funny how whenever somebody ask for your 6-12 month P/L u completely ignore it. gurus these days lol. if u want my trading results i post them all on my instagram for everybody to see. no shame here. at least i not sitting here making ridiculous claims to a bunch of sheep on webull

SQQQ11/19/2020 00:04

If everybody did the exact opposite as you. they would have a 99% success rate

SQQQ11/19/2020 00:03

Shit Ill blow jedi. at least hes consistent and is profitable

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fjord67611/18/2020 22:44
Amen, asian market has bid them up practically every single night for the last 2 weeks minimum

Matt11/18/2020 22:51

Thank you I thought I was losing my mind


Matt11/18/2020 22:41
I mean seriously when was the last time the Asian markets actually traded the US futures down


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