11/19/2020 00:28

$ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ I blocked MR SQQQ, guy is a donk... just sharing as that is what i do... gnight all

Hope we have a bloody Nasdaq tomorrow !!!

As i shared with him. Mr sqqq and some dope Jedi...

I share my views on stocks
When i enter into and when i exit a pos
I share ny goal/strategy/thought process
I share when i win and lose

If u like - cool glad to help. if not block me or keep ur fucking clownish comments to yourself

With that said, you follow me, know that I am good, and I will continue to help, those of you who think I’m a clown, just block me and be done with it

$TESLA $Genius Brands $Walt Disney $Zoom Technlgies $Wynn Resorts $Kandi Tech Grp $Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp $Sirius XM Holdgs $Party Cty Holdco $Trevena
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All Comments(10)

har***com11/19/2020 16:42
is there a way to follow you and all your posts? I want to make money and I've been watching you for s minute or two

Matt11/19/2020 16:48

Same answer as the dude below, I post all my transactions as soon as I make them, along with exit strategy

har***com11/19/2020 16:47

I just answered my own question. thanks Matt!


Sha***com11/19/2020 11:37
how to follow your trades?

Matt11/19/2020 16:48

Unfortunately, I do not use social media, I only made comments here to try and help those less experienced, I do post all of my positions when I enter and when I exit


Emsofalltrade11/19/2020 03:09
Ahhh I would get called all sorts of stuff when it was just my profile pic. This girl looks gross, her nose is effed up...people are just so cruel and rude. If those people are calling people names, it’s only be ause they are very insecure and childish. I love reading your comments and your strategies...I may not enter them, but I again appreciate it.

-All the best


Matt11/19/2020 03:12

Appreciate your thoughts, if they actually read my post, I don’t mind if they say negative stuff, but they take one post out of context and just go on these tirades


🐈 Cat11/19/2020 02:50
Matt, that would mean you are saying the market will be down tomorrow?

Matt11/19/2020 02:51

Yes I am saying tech will be down tomorrow, the NASDAQ will be down tomorrow


Ohsnap11/19/2020 01:59
Thank you matt!


DVNT11/19/2020 01:43

Matt11/19/2020 01:48

Perfect 1 less momo - blocked


Hendo11/19/2020 00:35
I Dont trade every trade . i follow for others insite , and if your bet turns out bad ... ot happens . we learn and trade another day ! Have a good night Matt

Matt11/19/2020 00:36

Exactly you do your own due diligence, I’m just sick of clowns making comments, if they want they can review my history, I’m fucking golden and I know it


MillionDollarDreams11/19/2020 00:32
@Matt you see what kandi doing

Matt11/19/2020 00:33

No clue, did say it was a $14 stock when I was seven dollars, once it hits that I have no clue what you guys do but good luck huge returns


‎ױװױ װוןױ11/19/2020 00:30
Gtfo Matt

Matt11/19/2020 00:31

They have an answer for that it’s called block me donk....


Matt11/19/2020 00:29
And by the way when the SQQQ hits $20.70 tomorrow which it will, my trade will yield 500%, the trade I gave everybody twice today, at noon and at 3pm


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$TESLA should i cash out or sit and wait, I mean my optionis for Jan15Braotis 11/25/2020 05:41