Shoaib Ali

05/27/2020 02:22

For continuous watch: $Matinas $AGTC $Luckin Coffee $Therapix Bio $Vuzix $ACTINIUM PHARMAC $Aytu BioScience $TRANS PETROLEUM $Merck & Co $Remark Holdings $Sorrento Thera $Toughbuilt Industries $Agile . Some of these are high risk high reward so please do your DD and do not invest your house on these. I normally play 25 to 100 shares and keep adding as price keeps moving I think the direction I like and close the position if it drops below 5% loss. Some of these I hold about 500 to 1k shares
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beartransbull05/27/2020 04:46
all trash

tyl***com05/27/2020 06:41

intelligent rebuttal


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