11/19/2020 22:18

$Sorrento Thera I've lost about 4k within 5 months of holding. I'm so nervous that I got 1k back having second thoughts of selling. Purely of the past ups then more down. But, I've gone through it and said I stuck it out this long, I'm here to make serous money. Not to get even but, to provide my family and friends a financially free. Goal is 30k. Then I can have enough to start a portfolio, with Nio, DraftKings for the real fortune. Long term! God is good!
Sorrento Thera-0
Sorrento Thera-1
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All Comments(7)

swade trades all day11/23/2020 09:25
what do you think of this chart?


Jomoe Jackson11/19/2020 23:48
to me it's like this my man stocks like a Snoop Dogg lyric, don't fall in love with a stock that's just taking your money and don't be afraid if she leaves you and is now residing in another man's profile and make money just do you and right now you are losing bread

dippitydog11/20/2020 02:01

Oh...ok?? Now, I love me some snoop dog. But, that statement did not make sense to me. Thanks for trying. God bless


jl.***com11/19/2020 23:17
I was down 4k as well but now down only 1600. Hang in there!

alb***com11/19/2020 23:42

Absolutely sir! So, glad to hear your journey as well. As you can agree that we truly welcome this brighter future. We all are rooting for you! Thx for sharing. God bless


kar***com11/19/2020 23:03
Its still going up


SGmoney11/19/2020 22:55
I was up 100K down 20k made 5k back im sitting with 175 calls in great position

alb***com11/19/2020 23:39

I'm so happy to hear good news from you guys that have traveled the rough road! Well, United we will stand strong. Thx for sharing. God bless


tif***com11/19/2020 22:26
Exactly on point! You will get there sooner then you think 😉 ... Congratulations on this gain..

alb***com11/19/2020 22:54

Thank you for the time and support. It really does help. God bless you and your trades!


Geekew8611/19/2020 22:21
I was down 20K, still held.. sold 1K today for 8K profit.. this will get bigger from now... hold n be patient :)

alb***com11/19/2020 22:52

I'm trying! Thx for your support and sharing your bit of the journey! God bless