01/17/2021 13:27

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How to setup my charts on Webull?
When to buy? when to sell?

This information aimed at proving a very "simple setup" to know when to buy and when to sell. It is based on RSI ( Relative Strength Index) so you know when the ticker is oversold or overbought at a "certain time frame" while 5 Minutes is a typical metric for day traders, you can use it for a decent entry and exit.

I am using $Bionano Genomics because it is a popular ticker these days and it is extremely overbought at the daily timeframe. that is not an advice to either buy nor sell. (at this stage im not holding any position in this one)

To do the setup, follow these steps:

1-Click on the menu and select indicators
2-Select RSI , VWAP , EMA , MACD
3-Click on the charts icon and select candle charts
4-navigate in different time frames , 1-10 minute, select 5 min for example and see the relationship of the price and the RSI chart down under

Always remember that in theory, the stock can be extremely overbought and continue to do that if no one sells. so while we use indicators, we can't predict how many people will buy and how many will sell.

Attached are the steps in images of how to setup your charts

Good luck everyone. I hope everyone will make a lot of money ✌✌✌✌

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NIO Inc.-1
Bionano Genomics-2
Remark Holdings-4
Sorrento Thera-5
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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561****64602/14/2021 02:39
SD can you check out $Ecolocap. It’s a good green company with great facilities. Under .0010.


VincentVega02/14/2021 02:09
thank you very much for the info.


ppo***com02/14/2021 01:44
dude thats awesome that you share things like this. I'm just a newbie so ever little bit helps. Much appreciated


mar***com01/18/2021 00:44
thanks I set up my chart like you said now I'm going to read on these settings so I can understand them thank you!


agu***com01/17/2021 22:44
help i think i read the instructions wrong. i got my tv remote stuck in my butt hole

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/18/2021 00:44


???01/17/2021 22:14
Thank you! Sunday studies and homework! also thank you for the email!

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/17/2021 22:14



wil***com01/17/2021 21:21
Thank you for this information. it is very helpful as I am new to this and been trying to research different strategies.

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/17/2021 21:22


Car***com01/17/2021 20:56
Hope all is well, i haven’t received none as well

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/17/2021 20:56

resend please


bread01/17/2021 20:07
i havent gotten an email confirmation to your WL good sirs, insert (let me in! meme) not sure if you are backlogged

Wizardly01/17/2021 20:15

I will also resend mine :)

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/17/2021 20:08

resend an email, I got 2000 emails last week ✌✌✌


Stocks01/17/2021 20:02
Thank you so much 🙏


tor***com01/17/2021 19:55
Thanks for sharing your experience and hard work. I'am in and god bless people like you looking to help others

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/17/2021 19:58



PRIMEALETE 01/17/2021 19:41
How do you get those red and Green bars on the charts?


bre***com01/17/2021 18:21
If the vwap indicator is not in your list, it can be added as in the pics below

15theeasyway01/18/2021 03:57

Needed that! TY

Denim Dan01/17/2021 19:44

love the commradery! much obliged

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Victoria77701/17/2021 17:54
Thank you 🙏


SavageBootyGoon01/17/2021 17:51
someone thank this man


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