02/19/2021 19:24

$HEXO Corp With Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer pushing to decriminalize Mary Jane and release everyone in prison federally along with legalizing cannabis for recreational use by Federal law.
Hexo is already taking steps to expand operations into the United States. Great potential here for the short and long-term.

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Zomedica Corp-0
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All Comments(9)

Bla***com02/19/2021 20:58
This will never pass the other house! Not yet anyways


715****25802/19/2021 20:05
Wter going up nice today

PrisonDayTrader02/19/2021 20:06

yes sir


OMM***com02/19/2021 19:42
Yeah sorry, may fond canadian companies working with our beer companies. thats because the cannabis is still cheap up there. Yet we have no shortage of farms at all. Have worked in the cannabis industry since 2009 in Oregon. They do federal legalization wont need canada to supply.

PrisonDayTrader02/19/2021 19:52

your right they won't need it but these are established companies that will be able to move to the US market and immediately grow. But I'm glad you feel as if you got it all figured out good luck to you.


Shawny91002/19/2021 19:31
Lol and lets not give chuck the schmuck any credit for this lmao. Hypocritical ass democrats doing this shit to appease their base. Identity politics and pandering. but please, continue lol

PrisonDayTrader02/19/2021 19:54

I could careless about any of them crooks on both sides of the aisle. I'm not naive enough to believe either one of them actually give a damn about the American people.


Keith02/19/2021 19:28
And btw the gov will only use a few select growing facilities. And heXo aint one of them. Look into American growing companies. ;-) just a thought

PrisonDayTrader02/19/2021 19:55

actually this information is false.


Keith02/19/2021 19:27
Because theY will tax weed to get back all the free money we all got. Its smart and it took giving trillions away


Gh0$T02/19/2021 19:26
Hexo merged with ZenaBis If i recall right and guess who owns Zenabis Debt..... SUNDIAL Growers !! πŸ’ͺ🏽

PrisonDayTrader02/19/2021 19:30

actually that's incorrect Hexo bought out Zenabis not merged. SNDL is barely surviving that's obviously why they are continuing to have offerings. with the amount of dilution and float it's gonna take a huge amount of volume to move this back to $3.


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