02/22/2021 01:02

week have came such a long way! 110% average last week we printed. 🥳4010 followers in less then 2 weeks. weeks swings on my instsgram @ stockmr.30
and on youtubes classes has been uploaded
youtube @ stockmr.30
@BullTrader a real faster learner. follow the guy. good picks

ask anyone who follow me. I always have time for anyone. we talk stock...

come let's get wealthy together for the one's we love so we can change ourselves, our family lives, and our communities. be the solution, not the problem!!!!!

$Triterras, Inc. $Aprea Therapeutics Inc $MingZhu Logistics Holdings $Imara Inc $KemPharm $CUENTAS $Concert Pharma $Sorrento Thera $Jaguar Health $Aytu BioScience
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All Comments(4)

mar***com02/22/2021 20:27
Thank you for your time this class in youtube. I have learned a lot from you. I appreciate your kindness on passing your knowledge to us.

stockmr.30@instagram02/22/2021 20:28

one love🙌


hom***com02/22/2021 09:51
I think market gonna be a bad week treasury yeields keep rising and people leaving stocks for bitcoin

stockmr.30@instagram02/22/2021 10:36

as long as the feds keep buying bonds. we will be a okay

stockmr.30@instagram02/22/2021 10:35

maybe but I doubt it. we shall see... today will tell a story but we know a gameplan by Wednesday


getmfmoney02/22/2021 01:41
U spelled TRXC wrong 🤭

Rai⚡️02/22/2021 02:34

Typical Troll😈clowns🤡.

stockmr.30@instagram02/22/2021 01:42

huh. I didn't even. what? huh?


Zino.Durma02/22/2021 01:20
@stockmr.30@instagram what are good entries for these and are they short or long?

stockmr.30@instagram02/22/2021 01:25

I have them in the older post from today. stroll down and read my friend. I explained the entry


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$AMC Ent Holdg $GameStop ML 03/03/2021 15:10