Do you even Bull Bro

02/22/2021 14:00

$Sorrento Thera I know the shorts dont give a crap about any of the companies that they target , its just sad that they target companies like Sorrento that could do so much good for the world and save lives. Think of how many stocks would skyrocket if sorrento wouldnt be continually shorted and given the proper value. 🤔

$AMC Ent Holdg $GameStop $TESLA $Moderna $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $Zomedica Corp $Castor Maritime Inc $Churchill Capital Corp IV $Palantir Technologies Inc.
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jpmolinari02/22/2021 14:20
ok...here's an analogy for you who don't get it

when they prove themselves....they will be rewarded....how much money have you seen a first round draft pick get and turns out to be a bust...the big bucks aren't paid from potential....its paid for proving they belong


bearkillah02/22/2021 14:09
trash puzzy boy

Do you even Bull Bro02/23/2021 04:51

How is Churchhill treating you afterhours? 🤣

Do you even Bull Bro02/22/2021 14:13

Great insight Winston.


zip***com02/22/2021 14:03
greed has took over this world, just the way it is.


mic***com02/22/2021 14:02
Stop becoming connected with a stock...it doeSnt care about you and shorts bulls bears all understand that

Do you even Bull Bro02/22/2021 14:03

Thanks for the advice skip.


nOt FiNaNcIaL aDvIcE02/22/2021 14:01
Bro srne gets it so bad. August was roughhhhh

Do you even Bull Bro02/22/2021 14:06

For sure. I actually didnt catch wind on srne until early sept so I got in around $8 with small stake but have added around 3500 shares since. Their day will come.


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