02/22/2021 19:56

$Sorrento Thera I am so tired of coming to this board looking for news and seeing post after post saying today fda , tomorow fda, shorts better cover etc Etc etc. If you dont have news to report dont say anything. Thank you to those that contribute actual positive news. Since May 2020 Im reading the same approval today posts.
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rea***com02/22/2021 23:37
ride the hype never believe it


rea***com02/22/2021 23:36
They'll continue the fantasy just take profits when you can & repeat. f the FDA approval


Chowballs02/22/2021 20:02
They didnt submit til december, thats your own fault for thinking the FDA would approve something that isnt even submitted ๐Ÿ˜‚ takes about 2-3 months for approval after submission so we are currently in the time frame. Could be any day, if youre tired of waiting for it, sell.

410****88602/22/2021 21:51

Once again you show your stupidity You wouldnt know a Porsche if it crashed into your hyundai excel. Iโ€™d stop commenting, it just makes you look more fooIish.

jpmolinari02/22/2021 20:35

oh kids....I fucken hate them๐Ÿ˜‚ Don't be nad because I can date your mom and sleep with your girlfriend....mehhh...you probably don't have girlfriends....yall that transtesticle shit

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