02/23/2021 02:44

$NIO Inc. Wow here we are under the 21 and 50 day MA. what a opportunity to buy! Loading up on another 10 calls tomorrow on the best EV stock on the planet. Gonna Let the marbles hang on this one because I'm so confident on it. These cheap calls are truly irresistible!
@56 strike exp. 3/5

So many deals out there to cash in on but not enough money to put into them all🤔!
But loading up on $HEXO Corp $T2 Biosystems $Palantir Technologies Inc. and last but not least $Palantir Technologies Inc.

Happy shopping traders!

$AMC Ent Holdg $TESLA $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $GameStop $Zomedica Corp $Churchill Capital Corp IV $Apple $Naked Brand $Ideanomics Inc $Bionano Genomics $Sorrento Thera $Nokia $Inovio Pharma $Aurora Cannabis
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All Comments(10)

karPegasus??‍♀️?02/23/2021 11:19
Yes its at its bottom deff going to hit at least 55 this week debating that call, good alert !


👠AL Bundy👡02/23/2021 04:05
its down almost 10 bucks from last week. go buy it and hold for a month... it might come back up🤔

PrisonDayTrader02/23/2021 04:11

I'd say so just look at the chart


Hide A Bow02/23/2021 03:56
This is ttoo


bobj 02/23/2021 03:55
blocked big time. see ya!


3EBInvstMntsGp02/23/2021 03:42
nio is a steal


DROFLOW02/23/2021 03:31
Are you locked up and trading?


gut***com02/23/2021 02:57
lol is that why you're posting all over the place? lol....ok

PrisonDayTrader02/23/2021 02:58

yeah okay smart guy😂😂


Buying Dips BTW02/23/2021 02:49
you said palantir tech inc twice by the way


con***com02/23/2021 02:49
buy value not hype.... solar and ev sector is melting due to speculation call buying not excercising because its not rising anymore. looks like music is stopping to me but please do your own research.

PrisonDayTrader02/23/2021 02:56

are you trying to insinuate that NIO is not value but hype? Sounds like you need to stop trading by what you said. I'm not asking for any research from you. trust me I'm not sitting on 176k in 9 months because I need YOUR help I'm offering plays to make money on weather you take them or not that's up to you, but it's what I'm doing NIO will hit $80+ before the middle of next month.


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