02/21/2021 13:18

You’re either growing or you’re dying. So is grass. So is a tree, so is a business, so is a marriage, so is a person and so is a trader. It doesn’t have a thing to do with age. Whether you’re a millennial or your birthday candles cost more than the cake, every day we can grow in our knowledge of our holdings, markets, charts, you name it.

You are your most important investment. It’s the discipline and knowledge you have that will take you far in the market, and the weekend is a great time to study, reassess and get some rest and recuperation.

Keep growing this weekend and I can’t wait to see the gains we make this week. Believe in your work, believe in your stocks, and get ready once again to don that battle gear...the arena is about to open once again.

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All Comments(13)

#Mynutzbiggerthanyours02/21/2021 21:52
proverbs: 💯


757****46102/21/2021 19:29
i grew bout 6" reading that...

LoBoStocks02/21/2021 20:01



Nel***com02/21/2021 18:13
Amazing words so true just Keep holding we have more then just pennies.

ConvictionContrarian02/21/2021 18:26

Thank you and yes there is so much more to gain!


CrayolaCrunch02/21/2021 16:58
Lets grow dude!


Vans02/21/2021 16:01
Love your motivational post relating to life over all!

ConvictionContrarian02/21/2021 17:11

Thank you very much appreciate it. Lets have a great werk!


🤑"Let's GO!!!!!"🤑02/21/2021 15:13
I love your posts!!! So smart!!!

ConvictionContrarian02/21/2021 15:15

Thank you hope you have a great week!


860****92102/21/2021 14:32
I like after he done preaching he tagged his stocks on the bottom😂. we good bro, its amc Gang over here. Get lost

ConvictionContrarian02/21/2021 14:41

I have posted on AMC for weeks so clearly you dont check in much with your “gang.” Thanks for your rudeness, hope you have a good werk


cybernator32102/21/2021 14:08
That may only be true for lifeforms we are currently familiar with. The real question is ‘What is this dance of life?’ and ‘Why is the human mind so uniquely capable of comprehending it?’

rod***com02/21/2021 14:12

At least, attempting to comprehend


Ryan Bruce Barclay02/21/2021 13:35
Let's get it!!!


LotsOStocks02/21/2021 13:27
I feel like dead grass.. can I still grow?

ConvictionContrarian02/21/2021 13:29

Its a daily choice tou get to make


LimpLogs02/21/2021 13:24
Im pretty sure that was 1st Corinthians yeah?

ConvictionContrarian02/21/2021 13:27

Not aware of that but maybe?


CanaĐianInvestors 02/21/2021 13:24
cool storey bro!!


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