02/23/2021 15:58

Who played dead with me this morning ✌😎

This is what I wrote to everyone on the weekend as a strategy to deal with bear attack

I am holding strong the following and more from my weekly WL

$$Ebang International Holdings Inc. average 7.45 now 🚨🚨
$$Triterras, Inc. average 7.05
$$Aprea Therapeutics Inc average 5.31
$$Staffing 360 average 0.6 and 0.67 two accounts
$$Tyme Tech average 2.27

and few others, Good luck everyone
Aprea Therapeutics Inc-0
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bio***com02/23/2021 22:37
Holding strong on all except $Ebang International Holdings Inc. Averaged down at end of day and I'm in the green on $Aprea Therapeutics Inc and $Tyme Tech .


jca***.ca02/23/2021 22:14
Whats your Pt Here at $Staffing 360


ashlaureenphoto02/23/2021 22:13
Just averaged down on some. No selling. πŸ‘πŸΌ


Sarah02/23/2021 21:17
What is playing dead?

Rifleman Dollarous Edd02/23/2021 23:52

how do you get "weak hands" by asking what sonething means? how does that even work?

Rifleman Dollarous Edd02/23/2021 23:51

f you can't do anything to immediately increase your chance of success, just stay where you are. if you have 10% cash, use it to average down on the bottoms. (actively improving an otherwise grim situation) if you're horrified by your red numbers, don't panick and sell and lose your money. if you have no cash on hand, lie still and chill and wait for the eventual rebound. it's a way to cope with a shit market that isn't destructive to your position.

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Kje***com02/23/2021 20:43
Dead since last friday! Ready for someone to switch the on button


Will02/23/2021 20:34
I played dead... i have been for about a week...:(


Tayduzit02/23/2021 20:31
I did this is the first time I've looked at my portfolio all day. Usually I'm glued to the screen earrly in the morning.


a_j***com02/23/2021 20:19
not really play Dead. but I keep my eyes rolling buy more the one I like. wish I have more $$ to buy!

Spanish_Toro02/23/2021 23:35

same here


jac***com02/23/2021 20:14
no need to play dead. after the wife sees all the loses. I will be dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I know it will all bounce back if you do not panic sell

Spanish_Toro02/23/2021 23:36



anna02/23/2021 19:41
I think the market still has some red days to go. not buying dips until it seems to have bottomed out. though for my portfolio I hope it recovers sooner


Clark M02/23/2021 19:18
I took the chance to average down on $Aprea Therapeutics Inc and $Triterras, Inc.! Now I’ll play dead lol


Larikian Boggs02/23/2021 18:27
I think my entry's on TYME and STAF could have been better but I'm holding strong. Thanks for everything you do SD!

Parcels2Province02/23/2021 19:14

Cuz man! Its Lari Bo Bro!

Stockdata.webull@gmail02/23/2021 18:49

things will get better I hope

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Cause and Effect02/23/2021 18:24
I've been averaging down, hope the bloodbath doesn't continue with the news that rates aren't going up


BigBucks02/23/2021 18:05
it's been a great dollar cost average day!


aka... BoB02/23/2021 17:51
@Stockdata.webull@gmail I actually sold PM and bought back at a considerable discount at 9:45. More shares and averaged down on everything.😎

aka... BoB02/23/2021 17:52

now I'm playing dead.πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘


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