05/05/2020 20:45

$Sunoco LP Can I still get dividend if buying after hour today?
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Shu***edu05/10/2020 11:22
You shouldn’t be buting this just for a “dividend” anyway. it’s an MLP, which pays distributions instead of dividends and is much more valuable to hold instead of selling immediately afterwards because if the tax benefits that MLPs offer. I’ll likely buy in soon, as the price isn’t likely to be this low again, and then hold it. It still baffles me why people are buying MLPs at historically low prices and then selling them after collecting their first distribution. Learn more about what you’re buying BEFORE you buy it.

RichLife05/11/2020 00:37

I got ET@3.8-5 and SUN@19 so im good😁😁

RichLife05/11/2020 00:35

I know. thx. I got this since 3.8 and still holding! +buy more💰💰💰


rvs***com05/06/2020 14:29
I believe you need to buy atleast 2 -3 days before ex dividend date so the order is settled in the books!


Short Bus05/06/2020 12:34
Nope. Today is ex-dividend day. You’re too late. If you wanted the dividend, you should have bought stock yesterday

RichLife05/11/2020 00:33

ThX i saw it in div receivable!🤩 confirmation that buying one day prior XD we still get div.

Short Bus05/06/2020 12:48

Oh. If you bought after hours last night, then you’re ok. If you want to sell today, thats fine. You’ll still get the dividend

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