09/27/2020 00:53

$Sunworks looking good for Monday 🤑🤑 holding 17k shares at 2.41 per shares... down 12k🤭 but still holding this company made me 45k gains on 9/24/20
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All Comments(12)

Debit09/27/2020 13:15
ooof im waiting to see if it goes back below .80

I originally bough a few when it was .70 and sold 1/3 of what I got at $8


SuperGains09/27/2020 11:05
I like the optimism,and at least you have a plan,i appreciate the post it gives a hopeful perspective,we shall see how everything turns out🤞


Tahoe_Bull09/27/2020 07:31
stupid is stupid does


Glenn09/27/2020 07:22
I did profit off this stock I think the same day but I would move on we don't know how far this will fall


Cardfan452409/27/2020 06:51
If you believe in it that mUch it would be wise to get out and repurchase when it drops back down under $1 because thats where it is headed.


Steel09/27/2020 03:56
Looks bearish to me


sam***com09/27/2020 03:39
after selling at 7 dollars I bought back again at 2.41 and I got 17k shares, this stock will go back up... all stocks need a break so then they can go up again

Trey09/27/2020 04:36

Idk man its not looking too good


Coo***com09/27/2020 01:55
Ya sure Post your sell order profit prove it


There Will be Blood09/27/2020 01:09
your still 12k down after 45k in gains? that doesn't make sense!

sam***com09/27/2020 01:24

for me it does because with does 45k I bought more shares at cheap price and I'm confident this stock can give me another 20 to 40 percent gain


SuperGains09/27/2020 00:55
well that's reassuring,have you ever seen it this low?

sam***com09/27/2020 01:12

sold at 7 then when it went down I bought again at 2.41


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