01/05/2021 17:03

$Swestn Energy everyone that keeps asking if this is a good stock...it's in NATURAL GAS...California is making it law that no new homes can use NATURAL GAS starting 2023. so dying business basically as future moves forward and others will most likely join the movement to phase out natural gas as they have done with oil and coal
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dam***com01/07/2021 06:56
booo thats wronb alot of new homes being built in the east ate usi g natrual gasses to heat and keep houses at a steadt temp inside the home so dont co e off with California they are weird and think they know everything amd in 20 years cali will be an island lmfao....

Russki01/07/2021 06:57

not california, the world. look into other countries. new york will be next. I'm not saying short term you won't make money, but this def ain't a long term portfolio. look into it


Jca***com01/05/2021 23:21
I guess the entire world revolves around california 👍 im sure they dont use lng in developing countries as well

Russki01/06/2021 04:53

actually, germany and many other european countries, china, and several other asian countries and india are all commiting to clean energy, so no doesn't revolve around California, but I can see why you might think that if you don't know the macroeconomics going on in the world


kri***com01/05/2021 21:10


Rusty Rail01/05/2021 18:04
clearly you never heard of petrochemicals and the future of exporting LNG. Everyone is leaving CA for a reason

Russki01/05/2021 22:19

you guys clearly don't understand macroeconomics hahahahaha.

companies have already started phasing into PCR (post consumer recycled plastic).
I'm actually using a PCR keyboard from logitech lol.

but please, continue to show everyone what little you know. I hope you have followers so they see your lack of knowledge.

MitsuAkiyama01/05/2021 18:17

Don't speak common sense around here, it doesn't apply to most people.

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lik***com01/05/2021 17:45
Even if it does become law, existing homes and homes built until then will be grandfathered in. We will all be dead before that affects the commodity.


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