11/11/2020 20:38

$Teligent Inc Not even sure why everyone is expecting a run definitely could run but a great buy here at 50 Cent I told all my friends about the meeting and rescheduling They made enough to get s PS5 and dont even trade. They rescheduled last time. Why would iT not rePeat same actions? Be prepared for NEXT meeting!! Be prepared for it to cancel. Lets make some money!!! .50 is a great buy! The fun begins at.70! SELL BEFORE THE MEETING!!!
Teligent Inc-0
Teligent Inc-1
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ABQ_Steve11/18/2020 00:04
It will take a minor miracle for me to come out green i already sold a lot of it around .59 after averaging doen from over 1.00 to the 80’s. Im hoping people vote by next meeting.

HoldMyBeer11/18/2020 01:09

Sell before meeting no way we csn vote this is rigged! Sell day before oN pop

HoldMyBeer11/18/2020 01:09

Your not down that much!! Set a goal to buy 100-20p shares each time below .50! Average down below .70 !


No Way This Could Backfire11/11/2020 21:21
bruh do you even read what the meetings are about or why they were "cancelled"? They had the meetings 10/23 and 11/11. They had to adjourn both because not enough shareholders voted their shares even though both times more than 90% of the vote was in favor of debt restructuring. They're currently 290K shares short of quorum to pass an business decisions.

Chr***com11/12/2020 01:09

So does this mean theres going to be a drop and a stalemate for some time?

Kay***com11/12/2020 00:46

Why cant we vote?

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boa***com11/11/2020 20:48
because there valuing the hole company at 2.7 mil so theres that.

HoldMyBeer11/11/2020 20:52

Analysis targeT $20 lol I’ll gamblE


HoldMyBeer11/11/2020 20:46
Got in .70 cenr first time. made a little money.
Got in .54 and below 2nd meeting made A LOT of money.
Guess what i do next meeting?


HoldMyBeer11/11/2020 20:40


Js11/11/2020 20:40
Bro πŸ˜‚ are you trying to brag about making dinner money?

Js11/11/2020 21:11


HoldMyBeer11/11/2020 20:45

I did benefit very well off this position so certainly would recommend it

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