02/18/2021 22:19

$TILRAY, INC. Today was a hard day, I know its frustrating to see people bragging about making money off your losses, or how they just urge you over & over to sell. But #1 lesson is dont sell at a loss. This isnt WSB, We’re gonna have to hold on for a little while to see the true potential of this company & what its going to accomplish. Its still just taking its baby steps, & if you look at the 5 year chart its actually still going up. Dont let a bad day keep you from a good investment, Youve made it this far, just ride this out. The negative posters always disappear when this stock climbs anyway, itll be pretty satisfying to know that theyll eat their words in the grand scheme of things.
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Joseph Soleymanzadeh 02/18/2021 22:45
Kat question i am down 60 percant would u average down to get it to a lower amount like now or wait to see iF there is more dips?

Kat02/18/2021 23:11

Good question; Not so much a question as to ‘If’ there’ll be more dips, but rather of when. Ultimately the best financial advice is what works best for you, and what you think will benefit you most moving forward. I personally have been holding my shares since they were about $8 back in December. I know that longterm (potentially up to 2025) This stock will perform just the way you want it to. Thats how long i plan to hold anyway.


Kirk R02/18/2021 22:37
well said

Kat02/18/2021 23:12

Thanks! 🙌🏻


Ale***com02/18/2021 22:23
I❤️U Kat

Kat02/18/2021 22:29

I ❤️ you too fellow interet friend 😇


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