02/23/2021 15:10

$iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF
Still bleeding.
Still no sign or volume that could indicate a reversal.
As expected QQQ and non cash flow businesses start seeing money rotate into value stocks and short term treasuries.
My tech is way down, my growth took a hit too but my dividend, financial and value stocks are just fine.
Still watching TLT and the VIX closely. If we get M2 going we could see the first real sign of inflation.
Interesting times ahead!
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fjord67602/23/2021 16:40


fjord67602/23/2021 16:38
By your pov, you are disproving yourself, M2 is inversely correlated to M2 Velocity - see the charts here for yourself, the inflation is subdued by the private sector deflation from innovation and (what should be) natural deleveraging pressure from the overload of debt, Fed pushing liquidity is an attempt to stir inflation, consumers are not spending (2/3 of US GDP) but saving, which is why velocity has massively fallen - the velocity is the inflation they're looking for but they're incorrectly providing liquidity which is stagnating economy

Tebbo02/23/2021 18:25

This was most probably the most educated conversation I’ve ever had on WeBull. Typically all I see is HODL, rockets 🚀 and diamonds 💎 ;)

fjord67602/23/2021 17:37

Good to see someone else on here knows monetary policy and discusses it, I feel many people disregard this information

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fjord67602/23/2021 15:32
M2 has nothing to do with inflation, it's the velocity of money supply that creates it - Powell is literally testifying at this moment, he can very easily turn the markets with a sentence, not all indicator based

fjord67602/23/2021 16:28

Govs cannot tax deflation, that's why they are afraid of it, it will deleverage their bond markets (US/EU) while also lowering their tax receipts, only inflation lowers their owed debt and increases their tax revenues

fjord67602/23/2021 16:27

I'm sorry but you are dead wrong, we live in a full on inflationary system - economic behavior oscillates and naturally we have been in a deflationary phase since 2000, picking up in 2008 with what should've been a bond deleveraging event, but govs/central banks are an asymmetrically oriented on inflation

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