01/07/2021 21:31

Sabby Warrant Master Fund, Sabby Management and Hal Mintz purchased 200,000 common shares of TNXP. If you don’t know about Sabby, look them up - they are a prolific hedge fund known for driving up the price of a stock (mainly BioPharma) and then shorting it later on. A number of their holdings have tanked and seen decreases of >90%.

Be very careful with this stock.

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Phil J01/07/2021 22:32
Guys look up Sabby. They have shares in almost every company and they are investors with a lot of capital. So not sure of the worry. It actully is good news that they are interested

Phil J01/08/2021 00:42

Price Target around 2.50 dollars and that stage i will sell off and move on

mic***com01/07/2021 23:59

Curiuos, what’s your PT for this?

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era***com01/07/2021 22:17
Damn it. is sabby really in this?! got caught bag holding 3 stocks couple grand in the hole for at least 6 months only to break even on 2 and lose 2k on 1 because of sabby. getting real tired of them

Bso***com01/08/2021 00:53

This is comical. Same 2 profiles commenting on each other’s posts.. 🤣🤣

Phil J01/07/2021 22:39

Era. Sabby is in almost every stock and is not something to worry about. Look up the website and see for yourself

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AnonymousQoala01/07/2021 22:05


alexander pushkin01/07/2021 21:55
i can see where your going with this but tonix can shoot as high as 5$

AnonymousQoala01/07/2021 21:58

Indeed. I only wanted to inform others of the newest filing and realize that there is upside potential for this stock, but to be careful not to hold for too long.


DeMotivator01/07/2021 21:54

AnonymousQoala01/07/2021 21:56

If you go to TNXP’s website or www.sec.report and search for TNXP, you’ll find form SC 13G/A.


jarhead01/07/2021 21:53


johnny Rocket01/07/2021 21:51
thanks for the info!


Mr.Dudereno🤙🏻01/07/2021 21:41
That doesnt sOund like much of a drive

AnonymousQoala01/07/2021 21:45

It’s not meant to be - I posted this as a warning to all investors. Look for short-term gains but take your profits.


617****78801/07/2021 21:38
Sounds like a sell at 1.00

AnonymousQoala01/07/2021 21:45

Make sure you take profits. Don’t be caught holding a bag on this one!!


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