Sector Hunter Masta

05/27/2020 22:57

$Tinley Beverage SelLoff tomorrow horrible financials most dirt towns in oklahoma make more at a convienience store then these chImps 🤣😂
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Joe 05/28/2020 14:28
you are a donkey!!!


Sector Hunter Masta05/28/2020 03:49
And NO license still kitten all theM promises gone out da window!


Joe 05/28/2020 00:51
lol....did you not read the part that states rapid revenue growth? show me another start up that gives guidance that doubles revenue in 1qr in all previous yr? you are clown bud!

Sector Hunter Masta05/28/2020 03:44

Guidance is dreamz kitten happens all tome what matters now is a shady corner store makes far more monies then this sugar drink shack kitten yer a clown with a big nose hokdin heavy hopeful bags if ya think yhis isngood financials lol


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