02/19/2021 10:43

$Triterras, Inc. This is starting out the same way as yesterday morning, same volume at the same time, with that said if the stock is going to move premarket somebody needs to buy the ask, likely at 6:30 AM walls will start being put up on the ask side with that said the volume if we make 150k, I can see your 4% pre-market rise from the stock
Triterras, Inc.-0
Triterras, Inc.-1
Triterras, Inc.-2
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All Comments(7)

Lovey7502/19/2021 13:56
This is crazy, my only stock in the red so far today $Triterras, Inc.


BIG - Money02/19/2021 12:38
Not too heavy on these brother matt, but feel the reward should still be greatπŸ’ͺ

BIG - Money02/19/2021 12:51

Just setting these off to the side & not worrying, very excited for the August Exp

Matt02/19/2021 12:39

Plenty of time, and yes I think you’ll probably get 300% if not more


BULLISHITTER02/19/2021 11:47
$XL Fleet your thoughts?

Jpruett8502/19/2021 12:32

I believe he said somewhere he's holding still


Brianmtx02/19/2021 11:47


JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 11:12
definitely man. I loaded some 7.50 april 16 calls yesterday before close

Matt02/19/2021 11:20

Super smart


Matt02/19/2021 10:50
Excepted but keep in mind yesterday morning we reached $8.88 before all the nonsense started and the markets turned oh so bloody. As I mentioned last night I expect a market reversal and tech, I Purchased Apple, Microsoft, Google for a quick one day swing, with that said I also have the confidence in the stock, it’s been text stocks Are moving this morning

Rifleman Dollarous Edd02/19/2021 11:25

christ. as a relatively new trader, I'm really bloody glad you're about, Matt. I've learned more from your posts and conversations then articles online and youtube videos. and your posts have probably kept more people calm under pressure then any bottle if Xanax. just wanted to say Thank you, sir.


JumJumtheScalper02/19/2021 10:45
I'm waiting for next week. with this congressional hearing, its slowing. things down


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