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$Triterras, Inc.


Please see the image for everybody following me and Mr. data, the lawsuit has been discontinued, as I said it was fraudulent to begin with it was all the shorts, what a funny thing options expire today and this announcement is made, if you want to know about this information first follow me on Twitter as one of my followers pointed it out
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ProfSteg02/21/2021 00:44
They created a lot of confusion with the first post that looked like they were extending the intake time by 2 months. I would bet a dollar to a donut it wasn’t an accident. Then while young investors panicked they waited for most of the day to release a vague retraction at 2:22pm. The manipulation had done all it could by this point.

Matt02/21/2021 01:36

Shady lawyers, paying for PR every day or every other day, false lawsuit I’ve been involved with for stocks in 2020 that has a lawsuit brought against them for investors they had previously lost money, they are all fraudulent and they never amount to


Wait4Dip02/20/2021 05:19
Rosen might have updated the date wrong thinking it was their FUBO suit

Matt02/20/2021 09:40

Proves my point right there, these lawsuits are frivolous, they will sue fubu they will sue every stock


Monarch 🍿😎🍺02/20/2021 04:38
I did saw it here.


Daddio02/20/2021 04:29
The lawsuit has not been dropped Matt. Come on man do your own research.

VincentVega02/21/2021 01:54

it's on multiple sites and I'm looking at public record for you as well.


Qitorien02/20/2021 04:24
It’s because they posted the same notice of the lawsuit as they have been, but they said the deadline was APRIL 19, instead of February 19 (Today...). Funny how convenient that “accident” was. That was the one they took down.


Rex02/20/2021 03:45
Wording may indicate that an Alert was retracted from the firm. Not the actual suit?

Realbigfish02/20/2021 07:51

Please screenshot it someday. when its said and done. Im staying in just for the drama at this point. IN before most at $7.25

Matt02/20/2021 04:01

Could be in any case we all know it’s bullshit so it doesn’t really matter, I cannot wait to make money on the stock well more than I have already I mean I want to make money money, and then I’ll just screenshot it for days


bryan frank02/20/2021 03:34
There has been some fuckery going on this week with TRIT.


Matt02/20/2021 03:14
I don’t know where the article is from one of my followers shared it with me, somebody else that responded to this message board also found it online supposedly came out late yesterday evening but of course this platform does not announce it or anything

Matt02/20/2021 19:41

I’m glad you’re out with profit to, so we don’t have to hear your silly comments anymore,

Ripstick900002/20/2021 14:21

I think trIt actually is doing what the lawsuit says and Putting mis information out there to boost there stock back up brFore they have to pay fines im glad im out of this with a profit last week

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U_KTN2n02/20/2021 03:04
Why is it that this article cannot be found? The screenshot is a screenshot of an article. something isnt right here.

Matt02/20/2021 03:14

Again one of Twitter followers showed me, and if you go down about it comments it appears that somebody else found it online as well and the news came out Thursday evening


Ripstick900002/20/2021 03:02
Idk man just did my dd n yesterday the plaTiffs released thier statements. Sounds pretty legit to me honestly. And i couldn’t find anyyyyything that says anything likE that. I searchEd duck duck go google brave and a few more and nothing. The closest thing it shows was yesterday. And wherr from the share holders..... idk but yAll should look and if You can find it show me please cuz i need to know what to do by monday.


Rin***com02/20/2021 03:00
I need to watch some youtube videos or somethin on options. busy life just havent had the time


Rin***com02/20/2021 02:58
Im guilty im not experienced enough yet where im educated on options. what does this mean then with options expirinG? My guess is their just trying to save as much money as they can because their going to have to cover. And by the options expiring it saved em some money?

tna***com02/20/2021 23:25

if you buy a10 dollar option and it didn't get there the option contract expires worthless. even one penny you can close the option and make money. just have to be higher than 10 dollars plus the fee (approx 11.20)

JoeSmo02/20/2021 03:29

something like that. I guess the lawsuit was timed with option dates. coincidence or controversy I don't know but now is great moment for long positions.


$BigDaddyStock$02/20/2021 02:52
nice i cant find this news tho

Jeef KC 02/20/2021 03:52

just following up.. I think i made a mistake or something is fishy goin on . There is a "article" under news tab on the TRIT pg on stockopedia from Thurs saying it was withdrawn. Then when u click the actual article, there's no content

Kat02/20/2021 03:45

Well...why don't you post the source of it then? lol. Serioudly... lol

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