02/20/2021 03:56

$Triterras, Inc. So the posts about the alert from Matt and I...caution to it. from how it reads, i think it is saying that the law firm removed its revolving alert on the news article - maybe not that the suit was withdrawn. Again I believe the suit is a short attack and not legit, but the wording in this from reuters indicates to me that it was saying the firm removed the alert itself....We will
See what news comes this weekend and into the new week. If it has been dropped, we should see it on all major Business news and the company should release PR for it. waiting game at this point.

as of right now, i have not successfully found any articles online that support the whole class action being dropped
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PanamajackSafari02/20/2021 04:15
why don't you guys go to Reddit and WallStreetBets and pull up the post about TRIT DD. It was posted about three weeks ago. Lawsuit is SHIT!💪💎🙌

PanamajackSafari02/20/2021 18:40


Rex02/20/2021 04:21

Agreed it has no merit. just making sure we do not blindly share a screen shot of something that is not clear on the meaning as well as un confirmable by any other searches


°Frost°02/20/2021 04:14
Rosen or no Rosen, there's a bevy of suits filed against Triterras in the last few weeks: Pawar, Thronton, Schall, and Gibbs law firms have all filed separate suits along with Bernstein Leibhard LLC with an additional filing. Just Google "triterras lawsuit" and they're all on the first page.

°Frost°02/20/2021 04:34

Yeah, they'll all be rolled into one but there's at least 10 different firm's listing as leads. Law firms take cases they can at least settle on. Bottom line though, trit ceo Koneru was listed as knees deep in the "panama papers". Any linking to that will always have extra eyes on a person and dealings.

Rex02/20/2021 04:19

True. And every one of them had multiple tickers listed on the suits. All of them were SPAC deals. It is a shot in the dark following a SPAC deal for these firms to sue onces the SPAC merger sees a drastic price movement. the amount of law suits has no weight. That is the point of a class actIon. It all becomes one and moves forward if there is merit.


Monkey02/20/2021 04:13
I heard someone saw it, and all it was was the same type of article except instead of “February 19”, it said “April 19”. Strange, but poster believed that they did this to make the lawsuit seem fresh to drive the price down momentarily. Not sure.


Mamba4Life02/20/2021 04:04
Same. All we have is a screenshot? The person that screenshotted couldn’t provide a link? Yeah this TRIT fan club is full of it, let me go to Adobe Photoshop and create something so people won’t leave their positions. Either you’re in it for the ride or not, just don’t post non credible source against the public it will look desperate and people will fade. Good company or not, only time will tell.


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