02/22/2021 22:52

$Triterras, Inc. Last post for the day, after hours, volume is so light so do not expect anything major upswing or downswing, you will see the gap between the bed and the ask widened as we get later into the evening, keep checking on NASDAQ futures as well as crypto currencies, as that might tell you if we will have a green day tomorrow, the stock is resilient, and I’m still have my price target at $10 by weeks end, I can’t help the turbulent market days today was a crazy day, good luck to all
Triterras, Inc.-0
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All Comments(7)

Young 02/22/2021 23:58
thank you


der***com02/22/2021 23:38
thanks for your input matt


Hawaiian Sugar Daddy02/22/2021 23:31
Thanks matt I finally feel confident in a Stock depsite red days


Ninja0702/22/2021 23:15
Thanks Matt


mim***com02/22/2021 23:11
is this what we call market crash? stocks were red since last week if not mistaken.
Sorry but a newbie😁

ITM02/23/2021 06:10

loosing 20% or more in a day and you could call it that...

Rommyadel02/23/2021 01:04

no not yet


Snazzy jazzy02/22/2021 23:01
Patience to all


Gl02/22/2021 22:59
5 crazy red days @Matt . I have been holding all my long positions including this and will ride the ups/dowNs as this is part of the game. It sucks to see tbe gains getting chopped away but not selling anytime soon

Matt02/22/2021 23:20

Yes I imagine if you were holding this position with five market strong days like we had an August or September, the stock would go from eight dollars to like 12 1/2 dollars, so we will wait out the red days and when the short start buying back and The demand is back like the other day at 12 million you will see the results


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