02/23/2021 14:08

🚨Educational post :Case Study 🚨

Now we see the down market for the first time since September , look at my previous post where I explained our possible strategies l, e.g. I am averaging down on $Ebang International Holdings Inc. and I am "playing dead" at $Aprea Therapeutics Inc and $Triterras, Inc.

So what's now after seeing 20-30% down ?

Don't panic ! bring a paper and a pen, put all the possibilities and do the Math, lets do it together for $Ebang International Holdings Inc.

Our first entry 9 dollars
Averaging down yesterday to 8.5

today is at -15%

what would I do?

as of now, nothing, waiting ...

If the price goes lower than 6.5 dollars, I see it as a great opportunity

if the price goes up when the market opens and Bitcoin bounce back , I will do nothing

If it stays where it is today I will do also nothing (playing dead)

Am I scared? NO

What if the price goes to 6 dollars then it went up to where it was few days ago at 13 ?

Selling after few weeks or months at 13 with
7 dollars average >>> 85% return
9 dollars average >>> 44%return
11 dollars average >>> 18% return

what if the price goes lower than current level to 5
you will be loosing 10-20% more , but I don't think it will go for really long time and I don't think it would reach that much unless there is more massive sell off

what if the prices goes to 20 dollars in the next few weeks/months
you will be making 100-200% on all the averages I mentioned before. that means it doesn't matter that much what average you you have

I really hope everyone makes money ! I am holding my safe long term swings , I am making money else where with other trading strategies.

The only reason why I am posting this is I do want people to make money. It is up to you to make what ever decision and I hold no responsibility about your decision

Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(37)

Quesera02/24/2021 02:35
thank you !


Orbit02/23/2021 16:04
my boi powell just saved our bacon by squashing the inflation theory we had phew


NeverOctober02/23/2021 15:28
THANK YOU!!!! ✌️👍🚀💰💰💰💰


ferdthe402/23/2021 15:20
Good time to get in on $Romeo Power Inc id say havent seen it this low since around election time


Wingnova02/23/2021 15:15
Only option is to hold at this point


Chr***com02/23/2021 15:14
Alright , A little late to the partY as usual. Can i get some suggestions on what books oR tutorials that would be most beneficial for reading and Understanding the market as a whole? What math and algorithms are often used etc.? Thank you in advance.

Drip Gawd02/23/2021 15:33

Take a look at my post below. Using 4hr Fibonacci extension and Fibonacci time zones.


Pin***com02/23/2021 15:13
This post is not viewable fully.
Every sentence is missing words and begins with. .........?
is this a setting somewhere ?


InevitabullHatter02/23/2021 15:03
looks like we're on the rebound. hard hit, but mostly on the riskier plays will a recovery be tough. staying below the bag holder line on large plays seems to work best even if it means missing the train every once in awhile..


Alex Jo02/23/2021 15:02
I love your content thank you for taking so much time to share.


bob***com02/23/2021 14:57
@Stockdata is the stock market crashing, is that what is happening?

Drip Gawd02/23/2021 15:01

Powell to speak to congress today at 2. If it's good the market will ease up.


Evertrade02/23/2021 14:49
Are institutions selling off too or do we still have 73% holding?


Chirik197702/23/2021 14:49
do you know what's going on? what is the reason for such crash?


TuaKeeBull02/23/2021 14:47
ThaNks SD - Indeed, fortune favors the brave and patience one.


noh***com02/23/2021 14:47
We still playing dead?


Drip Gawd02/23/2021 14:40
Great post! I'm just getting back into chartingbut wanted to see if others see what I see here.

BTC is in a downtrend until the 27th. I see the same on EBON chart. So they are in sync. Which they have to be because EBON is following BTC.

EBONs initial breakout up started at $5.20. from what i see the downtrend will contine until it test that number. That will be around the time we reach the Fibonacci time zone and reverse to uptrend.

Once in uptrend be thoughtful of strong resistance at $8.68 as that is the neckline of the prior double bottom breakout.

What are everyone's thoughts?

*Not financial advise


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