02/23/2021 21:32

$Triterras, Inc. There’s not much volume after hours, which is why the spread between the bed and the ask is growing, some sellers might get scared and decide to sell for the bed which is what’s happening, if I had 5000 shares and I was scared and sold at market after hours this would go under seven, my point being, do not worry what you see after hours, worry about what you see you tomorrow morning around 830 by then you’ll know the direction
Triterras, Inc.-0
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All Comments(5)

anna02/23/2021 21:52
ignore my previous post but let’s say if the market maintains its downtrend for another week or few weeks or becomes a 10% correction, how would you minimize or offset your losses?

anna02/23/2021 21:56

thank you Matt. I worry that SPY is forming lower highs and will need to come down more before the market rebounds but I’d like to see quick recovery

Matt02/23/2021 21:53

If I think the markets going to retract another 10% I would liquidate everything I own, I position myself in stocks that I think will appreciate based on value and valuation


FEDBeGone02/23/2021 21:37
even if it's down in the morning that is not going to be a reason to sell...

FEDBeGone02/23/2021 22:19


Matt02/23/2021 21:38

No reason to sell, but I want to get people excited, and when they see this up pre-market, we may finally have a nice day


Nelsonwe02/23/2021 21:37
You have been talking about this conpany for over 2 weeks now.... Its only been delcling.

Hold my bear02/23/2021 23:21

Why dont you cut the man some slack neal. Are you bitter because you are down on your investments, maybe ones that you Bought on his suggestion? Well i hate to break it to you but no one can correctly predict the market 100% of the time.. not matt, not me, not hedgefund managers, or ai, warren buffet, your mom, jesus... its quite a long list actually it includes anyone who has or ever will live. So why dont you nut up and take some personal Responsbility, do your own due diligence.

Matt02/23/2021 21:52

Let me say again when I started speaking about this company if you jumped in like my followers did, we are still profitable, less profit now than previous but this stock is going to explode again if you’d like to make a wager you pick a stock I’ll pick

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H-Capital02/23/2021 21:35
If bitcoin keeps dropping this is going to get shit on I tjink matt, i hope not though

Matt02/23/2021 21:39

Not a bitcoin stock at all, they do block chain, they do finance for fin tech companies, and they are involved in the shipping arena

san***com02/23/2021 21:38

trit is not a bitcoin play.


Bolnoi02/23/2021 21:34
But sometimes its good to buy shares after hours , that 6.60 dip this am was amazing.


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